Here’s a list of links. Either links to more pages by me, or pages that I find informative.

  • Xkeptix – If you’re a gamer, a Skeptic, an Atheist, an Agnostic, or Free-Thinker, and you play on XBox Live, then Xkeptix is a group you need to join. Either on MySpace or Facebook. Whichever you prefer.
  • CNY Skeptics – Local skepticism (Central New York). Email me if you’d like to write for us!
  • Skeptical Aaron – A good friend of mine. He writes about Skeptical issues similar to the things I write about. Very interesting site! He also runs the YouTube Skeptic site.
  • Me @ Facebook – I’m on Facebook.
  • Me @ MySpace – Additional info about me; pictures and such. Interesting stuff.
  • Talk.Origins – All of the information anyone could possibly want in reference to the Evolution/Creationism (Intelligent Design) debate.
  • JREF – The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today. delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world’s most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation. It provides deep, unfiltered content, tools for self-expression and a place for the interactive community to gather online.

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