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StopSylviaBrowne.com Now Promotes Alleged “Psychics”

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Yes, you heard right. The famous web site dedicated to the truth about Sylvia Browne and her psychic scams has been taken over by a True Believer.

I got up this morning and noticed a post on the Rogues’ Gallery (the official blog of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe) about this news.

Apparently, the domain name registration had expired and had been auctioned off legally. The site wasn’t hacked, which was the suspicion when the new site showed up.

According to the owner’s (Robert Lancaster’s) wife,…

…I paid for the “hosting” but not the domain name. Notifications were sent to Robert’s email, which I have not had access to. I was told a mailing went out as well, but I never got it.

The domain was sold – legally.

The site initially presents itself as skeptical of Browne.

Now, if you are a fan of Sylvia Browne and you think that she is the best psychic, then you might have another thing coming. She has been proven to be a psychic fraud in many readings that just did not connect to the true story. So, how did this best psychic go on to be the psychic fraud that she is or is not?

But, as you peruse the site, you stumble upon many links to lifepsychic.com. Now, a WHOIS query reveals that it is owned by “kreimanchess.”

It is unclear whether or not this guy also owns StopSylviaBrowne.com as well, because the owner is listed as “Domains by Proxy, Inc.”

As far as I can tell, “kreimanchess” is using this site to piggyback on Sylvia Browne’s success as a psychic (con-artist). He presents a case against the psychic, but then promotes his own brand of nonsense. Free Tarot readings, tips on how to find a “Valid Psychic,” “spiritual” advice for love and relationships, etc. Here’s an excerpt…

Avoid Psychic Scams

Psychic Scams happen everyday. There are many people out there who play off being a psychic reader to make some quick money but really have no psychic abilities. If you are interested in obtaining a psychic reading research before hand is a must. Look for the best psychic for you and most importantly look for a valid psychic. Learning that your psychic reading turned out to be a psychic scam is frustrating, you wasted your time and money and there is no way to get that back.

Great advice. He forgot the part about avoiding psychics and “spiritual teachers” altogether.

Of course, his best advice is to go to lifepsychic.com to find a “real psychic.” Of course. Why would you go anywhere else? If you’re going to get swindled out of some money, you’d better make sure they are a “Valid” swindler.

Take Action

The first step is to edit your bookmarks. If you’ve got StopSylviaBrowne.com bookmarked, delete it. The new site is now located at StopSylvia.com!

Step two is to let everyone know that the site is now being run by a True Believer.

I’d also recommend writing to the webmaster (stopsylviabrowne@gmail.com). Voice your opinion.

Google-Bomb. Read the link for more information.


While this is a blow to the skeptical (truth-driven) community, it is also a call to action. Sylvia may have had something to do with what has transpired, as she has been a vocal opponent of what was on the original site. While this site does speak out against her personally, there are already pages on this site for “Free Tarot Readings” and whatnot.

It is not clear whether or not Sylvia is affiliated with lifepyschic.com or not. But, I would hardly be surprised if she was.

This site is not the wealth of skeptical information it once was. It’s just another True Believer site dedicated to promoting supernatural nonsense.

Spread the word. StopSylvia.com!!

Read a book. It’s good for you.

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  1. Monday March 30, 2009 at 2:40 AM

    Thanks for the update. I actually wrote an entry on her and one of the psychics threatened legal action on me. These people are such cowards.


    PS. Glad I found your blog. I shall bookmark accordingly.

  1. Saturday November 1, 2008 at 11:35 AM

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