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Infinite Skeptic Or Christian? [Debunked]

So this Evangelist by the name of Kerrigan Skelly of Pinpoint Evangelism has a video on YouTube where he debates some kids at N.C. State University on the topic of Atheism (or any other belief system) versus the Christian world view.

I actually found it quite disheartening that the college students present at this debate were so ill-equipped to refute his arguments. It was in seeing this lack of real response to his statements that prompted me to make these videos. Here they are:

Infinite Skeptic or Christian? [Debunked – Part I]

Infinite Skeptic or Christian [Debunked – Part II]

Further Analysis

I think my biggest problem with this guy’s line of argument is the whole idea that he can trust his senses because he “believes in God.” Yet, people who don’t believe in God cannot trust their senses? This is nothing more than mere speculation; an assumption on the grandest scale. An ignorant assumption, at that. He provides no evidence for his claims. You can’t just make a claim like that without offering reasonable proof of it. I’m not about to take his word for it. And yet, he demands evidence from his opponents? Hypocrite.

Essentially, throughout the video he tries to make every argument he puts forth unfalsifiable. Any time someone counters his arguments, he replies with, “Well, I believe in God.” As if that’s an explanation – or “foundation,” as he calls it. How can he trust his senses? He believes in God. How can he have morals? He believes in God. That is a non-sequitur. It doesn’t logically follow that because he believes in God, he can trust his senses. Believing in God has no bearing on the truth of his claims. There’s no causal connection. That would require evidence.

Then there’s Empiricism. He says that Empiricism is “just an idea in your mind.” Yet, he would not even have a Bible to read from were it not for Empiricism. No written language or printing presses, no paper or writing tools.

He’s trying to have it both ways. He wants to condemn Empiricism because the evidence which springs forth from Empiricism contradicts his precious Bible. But yet, he needs Empiricism for a Bible to even exist. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Over and over again he says his opponents haven’t “proven their foundation” for what they believe/don’t believe. Yet, I haven’t seen ONCE in these videos him prove anything even close to the existence of God. He has not shown one stitch of evidence to support his “foundation.” Again, he is a hypocrite.


I could go on, but I don’t want to go over the same things I addressed in the videos. I think his poor logic speaks for itself. Pretty much everything he says is based on a lack of understanding of either science or logic.

And this is what Believers do. That sacrifice intellectual honesty and integrity for the conversion of a few “sinners.” Who cares if you lie and manipulate? You’re leading people to Jesus, right? That’s all that matters. Who cares if you are leading people down a path of ignorance and unenlightenment? It’s the tithe dollars that really count.

Watch and let me know what you think.

Read a book. It’s good for you.

Also, if for some reason the people who put this video up claim that I’m copying their material and ask to have it taken off YouTube, I will be making it available in higher quality via BitTorrent. Probably on The Pirate Bay. We’ll see what happens. That’s how these Christians are. If they can’t fight back with good arguments, they’ll just claim copyright infringement.

  1. Thursday March 19, 2009 at 7:12 AM

    I dealt with this piece of shit while vacationing in Ocean City, MD. I recorded my confrontation and I would have done far better if not for the police showing up and keeping me from owning his ass even more than I did.

    I think it is time atheists or skeptical folks begin confronting those who wish to confront everyone else (street preachers). Let’s put these Christfuckers where they belong, in a science classroom, history classroom, proper English classroom, an honesty classroom. Since they probably won’t go to those classrooms, you need to bring the classroom to them. Make them admit they are lying to themselves and everyone else. Let them destroy their own fallacious arguments in front of the very people they are supposedly trying to offend/reach.

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