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More Lying For Jesus [The "Bait And Switch" Bible]

Sports Bible [Crop]

What does this look like to you? Some type of sports memorabilia? An inspirational story about your favorite basketball players? Some type of “self-help” book?

No, it’s a stupid Bible. The New Testament to be exact…

Sports Bible

“A Sports New Testament.”

I found this little jewel on one of the tables in the break room at work the other night. And I have to say, I was a little surprised – and pissed off.

There are a lot of sports fans that work at McLane’s. So, I figured it was probably some type of sports statistics book, or maybe some kind of inspirational book – like a Chicken Soup For The Soul type of thing. I figured someone probably forgot it on the table when they left.

No. It’s Bible propaganda. And what strikes me about this is how much of a lie the whole concept really is. The entire purpose of this cover, the sports theme, is to trick the unsuspecting reader into thinking it’s got something to do with sports. Its purpose is to lie to the unsuspecting reader. (Doesn’t that violate one of the Ten Commandments? Lying? Bearing false witness?)

Exodus 20:16: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Now, what’s wrong with this “Sports New Testament,” besides the fact that it violates the 9th commandment? What would anger me about this? Well first off, the reason anyone would pick up this book would be based on a lie. The unsuspecting reader is expecting to find information about sports. Possibly they recognize the player on the cover? And even the little subtitle on the bottom, “A Sports New Testament” doesn’t truly let one in on what the real content of this book is. It might simply be construed as a player’s philosophy of the game.

I guess my main beef with this book is that if the Bible is so believable, and it’s supposedly so obvious that the Bible is “God’s Word,” then why would you have to lie and deceive people in order to get them to read it? This approach reminds me of what a sleazy car salesman would do. The old bait and switch technique.

Here’s an example of the bait and switch technique used on car lots all across the country. This is from an interview with a man only known as “Joey” on Edmunds.com.

Edmunds: How does the bait and switch work?

Joey: What they do is select the cheapest and the most stripped-down version of a model. That’s the car they advertise. Then they calculate the payments with the assumption that people have an A+ credit history for the longest finance or lease term possible. Once the customer is on the lot, they switch them to a different vehicle.

Edmunds: Can you give me an example?

Joey: You see an ad in the paper for your favorite SUV showing a monthly payment of $299 a month. It looks like a great deal, since, either according to simple math or someone you know who recently got this vehicle, the payment should be more like $500 a month. Keep in mind, people never read the fine print. You are very excited to get your new SUV for this low, low payment and show up on the lot. You mention the ad you saw in the paper. Lo and behold, the salesman regretfully informs you that the particular car has already been sold —

And this is exactly what this Christian did with this book. They got the potential reader interested in reading a sports book, only to find out that, unfortunately, that information isn’t available – but hey, wouldn’t they rather read the Bible instead?

As for me, no! I would not rather read the Bible instead. If I wanted to read the Bible, I would have looked for a book that said Holy Bible on the cover.

To conclude, I would just say that I took this book home with me. I’ve prevented anyone else from experiencing the deceit imposed on the people at my place of employment by this wretched Christian. This person is obviously willing to lie and, to say the least, be dishonest in order to recruit more people into his religion. And I don’t think that lying is a good way to spread the “Word of God.”

What would this person say at the Pearly Gates after he died?

Lord, I tricked a whole bunch of people into reading the Bible by putting totally irrelevant pictures on the cover of it. These were pictures of things that had absolutely nothing to do with your message – but pictures which I knew would lure people into reading it. I know that I’m a liar, but at least I got people to read the Bible.

What exactly is this person expecting to get out of leaving this book out for people to see? That someone would stumble upon it, take a quick look and decide that it really is God’s Word, take it home and force Christianity on their family? Have a modern-day version of the Crusades?

To be honest, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Christians started making pornographic videos which had intermittent Bible verses inserted into them, and began uploading them on the internet. You know… in order to spread the gospel.

Anyway, read a book. It’s good for you.

  1. Laughing
    Saturday June 7, 2008 at 12:34 AM

    You are obviously concerned about the trickery of spreading the gospel, but let me relieve your mind.

    I argue that if a person worships The Sports World or The Sensual World (as you suggested would be effective in spreading the gospel), advertising those things is highly relevant! How else is a person to learn that he or she has already broken the “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me” and the “Thou shalt not commit adultery” commandments?

    You don’t need to worry about people like you being pulled into that trap as you weren’t enticed to read idle (idol?) literature.

  2. Saturday June 7, 2008 at 1:45 PM

    The term “advertising” is particularly relevant in this case. Deceptive advertising.

    I can just imagine the marketing directors and advertising managers thinking of ways to try to trick people into reading the Bible…

    Gentlemen, seeing as how the Bible has been rendered completely irrelevant by modern scientific discovery (a round Earth, evolution, gravity, the germ theory of disease, the realization that we’re not the center of the Universe), we have to find a way to trick people into reading it – thus resulting in increased revenue (tithe money – tax free money!). I suggest a new marketing ploy… lying.

  3. jillian
    Monday June 9, 2008 at 10:57 AM

    First, hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed your well written thoughts. So, thank you and please keep on writing.

    Second, personally coming from an extreme fundamentalist background, I am completely aware of the strategies they employ to gain access to new demographics. (Don’t get me started on things like dance camps, summer basketball competitions, or car shows… just a few of the poorly veiled evangelism tactics at their conniving worst that I grew up around. Even time share vacation/presentations are less deceptive, I think!)

    Another recent ploy in bible distribution is the use of a magazine layout because they believe it is a “hot-selling format for teens and young adults” and will “push the reader toward a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ” (quote segments from cbd online catalog). Am I the only one to note the overt gimmickry and aggression? If it honestly was compelling enough, would a PUSH be necessary?

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