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Missing iTunes Library Information [Library.xml Reverting Itself]

So today, I opened up iTunes because I wanted to hear the latest installment of the Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe. But, right away, I noticed a problem…

As soon as iTunes started to open, a window popped up saying, “Importing iTunes Library…,” or something to that effect. I don’t remember the exact wording. I immediately thought, “uh oh“. There shouldn’t be any reason to be importing a Library.xml file.

After the Library.xml file finished importing, I noticed some big changes. A lot of songs were missing. And here’s the strange part. Any songs, play data, or ratings that I’d entered after February 16th of this year, 2008, were gone.

I’d also noticed that a lot of my settings had changed. Under the “Tools” menu, I had to re-enable the Browser, re-check “Album View,” as well as re-check a few items in the “View Options” menu.

I went into my Music folder to locate the iTunes Library.xml file, and it was just as I suspected. The last modified date on the file was 2/16/2008. Now I’m really puzzled…

What would cause my iTunes Library file to revert to a saved version from over 3 months ago?? Why can I not find another copy of the Library file from my most recent use – yesterday?

Whatever happened totally messed with, not only my Library.xml file, but also settings in iTunes. This is a pretty big mystery.

I’ve had to re-import a good many songs manually back into my library, with all of the play data and ratings gone. I’ve got 22,000+ songs in my library and my iPod playlist was dependent upon my ratings system!

If anyone has any additional information regarding this issue, please email me at godkillzyou@gmail.com.

As of right now, my last resort has been to contact iTunesRegistry.com. I have a fairly recent version of my Library.xml file uploaded there. Pending a response from them, I will (hopefully) be able to download that version of my Library file and import that into iTunes – recovering a great deal of the lost information.

Read a book.

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  1. Nic
    Thursday July 3, 2008 at 7:53 AM

    iTunes uses a file called iTunes Library (iTunes Library.itl in Windows) to store your music. The xml file is like a mirrored subset. If the Library is corrupted or missing the xml file is used to recreate the library. Not sure what happened in your case but it sounds like the directory location has changed – maybe you logged on as a different user or somebody has been cleaning up the hard disk?

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