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The Foo Fighters And HIV Denial [Update]

Sunday May 11, 2008 15 comments

As you could probably tell from my previous post regarding the Foo Fighters and HIV Denial, I was pretty upset to hear about what I thought was going on with the band.

In keeping with honesty and integrity, I have to suspend my suspended “fan-ship” of the Foo Fighters. You could say that I’m in limbo as of right now. This could possibly be some very good news as far as the band’s stance on HIV Denial.

I’d posted an inquiry on the Foo Fighters’ message board concerning this issue. I’d found out that the page I referenced in my previous post was actually an “old” page from their site design a few years ago. If you actually follow the links on their Official site, the Community page does not list Alive & Well as one of their “Causes.”

One person I exchanged messages with on the message board said…

…that is an old page that hasn’t been removed from the site for some reason. If you notice it’s the old style of the website, the rest of the site here doesn’t look anything like that – and the community page no longer has that link.

It just seems to be an error on the part of the webmaster not removing that page when the site was redesigned, and you are still seeing it on Google searches.

So in short, yes the link was there up to around September 2007, but now it isn’t unless you find that page you linked through Google.

So, this looks like it could be good news.

I’ve written an email to the webmaster of today…

As a concerned fan, I had recently been made aware that the Foo Fighters have (or had) supported an organization called Alive & Well… an HIV Denialist group.

From what I’ve been hearing, the band no longer supports this group. This is strange because on your (supposedly old) Official Causes page, the group is still listed.

If possible, could you send me some additional information as to whether the band actually supports the denial of HIV causing AIDS, or if this page just happened to not get deleted by some accidental oversight? This is very important as I would choose not to support the band any longer if they do actually agree with the nonsense that Alive & Well propagates.

This page is actually the first to show up on a Google search. So if it is not the band’s official stance, this page should definitely be deleted.

Thank you for your time.

So, as with all the other Foo Fans out there, I hope very much that the band has actually changed their stance on this issue. It would be sad if they really believed in this nonsense. Hopefully I get a response soon.

On a lighter note… this is officially my 200th post!! Awesome.

Read a book.