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How I Fixed The WLW (Windows Live Writer) Error

A lot of people have been having trouble with Windows Live Writer and WordPress. I was no exception.

The error message that usually popped up when trying to write a new post, or even edit an old one, went something like this: :Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server.”


The interesting thing was that even though I was getting these messages, the document was still posting. But, I couldn’t deal with that message popping up constantly. I wouldn’t feel confident that everything published properly. So I resolved to fix it. And here’s the solution.

There was a lot of speculation around the web that there may be an error in the PHP code in the XmlRpc.PHP WordPress file. But, I found the problem to reside in the installed WordPress plugins I had. Specifically, the Google Sitemap Generator. In fact, the solution to this pestering problem was to simply disable this plugin, and the error message went away.

And now I have an awesome WLW experience. And if you don’t know what Windows Live Writer is, it’s an alternative to using the WordPress WYSIWYG Post Editor. A much better alternative, in my opinion.

Read a book.

  1. Wednesday July 9, 2008 at 2:43 PM

    There is an error in some versions of xmlrpc.php.

    In function mw_newPost()
    this line about halfway in the function is incorrect, and will show up in the log of the latest version of Windows Live Writer.

    logIO(‘O’, ‘Post cats: ‘ . printr($catnames,true));

    printr is not a PHP function nor is it defined in the WordPress code.

    Instead of “printr”, the correct function name is “print_r”

    logIO(‘O’, ‘Post cats: ‘ . print_r($catnames,true));

  2. Tuesday April 28, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    Thanks. I’ve been all over the Internet looking for a solution. It worked for me. Simple, yet effective.

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