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Installing Yahoo IM 2.0 On A BlackBerry Device

Some people (ok, a lot of people) have been having problems installing the new Yahoo IM 2.0 on their BlackBerry devices. Either there would be no icon on the menu for the application, or there would be an icon and the application would not work. I’ve discovered how to fix this problem.

There are actually 2 possible solutions. After going to mobile.blackberry.com from your BlackBerry browser and installing Yahoo IM 2.0, it will say the application was successfully installed. Now, if you go back to the menu and find that it still isn’t working, here are the 2 solutions available to you.

First is the Windows-esque “CTRL-ALT-DEL” keystroke… it’s ALT+NUM+DEL. Hold them down and your BlackBerry will reset, which is different from just turning it off and back on. Kind of like restarting your computer. This should work to get Yahoo IM functioning on your device.

If not, then connect your BlackBerry to your PC via the USB connector. Open up your Desktop Manager software included with the phone. Go to your application loader/installer. You will notice that if you press continue, it will say that Yahoo IM is unrecognized and will be removed. After it is removed, go back to mobile.blackberry.com on your handset browser and re-install Yahoo IM. It should work after this.

If you have any further info, if this worked for you or didn’t, or if you just want to send insulting messages to me, send them to godkillzyou@gmail.com.

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