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A Non-Expert’s Theory Of Gravitation

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I want to start this post off by saying that I claim no truth to this theory. It’s really a rumination more than anything.

Can a person who lacks a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, or even knowledge of Mathematics beyond Course I [Algebra], formulate a valid hypothesis on the nature of gravity?

Of course, I could be way off. But, from what I know, or think I know, of gravity and basic physics, everything I’m about to talk about makes perfect sense. And if what I’m talking about is already a working theory, forgive me. I don’t keep up very much on the latest physics news.

A Basic Outline Of My Theory

Ok. Here goes. The first thing that grabs my attention about gravity is the idea of “action at a distance.” The idea that an object can be attracted to another from some distance away. Like the Earth could “know” that the moon is close by, and so it starts “pulling” the Moon toward itself.

Take, for example, the picture below.

The circle with the ‘E’ in the center of it signifies the Earth. The ‘M’ is the Moon. Now, we all know how gravity works. The Moon revolves around the Earth because gravity causes them to be attracted to each other. But what causes this? From what I know of gravitation, the experts say that little particles called “Gravitons” are what cause large objects like planets to be attracted to each other. Remember the diagrams of how magnetic fields work?


Well, this is a little different from how gravitation works. For one, this above example, the magnetic field, only applies to certain materials (mainly metals). Gravity, on the other hand, applies to everything. Everything is subject to gravity.

So, what I’ve concluded is that gravity has little to do with particles, as opposed to magnetic phenomenon. I think gravity has more to do with the 5th dimension. The stuff that makes up what our visible 3 dimensions exist in. Imagine our Universe as a 3-dimensional painting. The 5th dimension would be the canvas that it is painted on. (For those of you wondering, the 4th dimension is Time.)

Another way to think about it, that may help demonstrate my theory, is to think about the 5th dimension as a net that holds everything in existence in it. The planets, stars, galaxies, our Earth, your house. Everything. The spaces in the net are infinitely small. Matter cannot penetrate it. In fact, matter can only exist on the “strands” of that net.

Now, objects with greater gravitational force are objects that are of greater density, and of larger mass. Our planet has more gravitational influence on us than does, say, our car, for example. I think that it is the density of an object that actually influences the 5th dimension.

Think of it this way. Imagine a hammock stretched between 2 trees. This hammock is symbolic of the 5th dimension. Now, imagine that you place a golf ball on it. Nothing happens, right? Basically, the hammock is unaffected. Now, imagine placing a bowling ball in the hammock. Not only does the hammock sag, but the golf ball is also drawn downward toward where the bowling ball is, where the greatest concentration of mass is. This, in a nutshell, is my theory of gravity.

As objects reach intense degrees of density, they exert a type of tension on the 5th dimension. Their molecules and atoms are compressed so tightly together that they literally create tension on the fabric of the 5th dimension, pulling other objects toward them.

Think of how a whirlpool works, or how a toilet works when you flush it. A dense object such as a planet creates an intense amount of “gravitational pressure” at its center, and the medium which all matter exists on forms almost like an inward slope, making objects travel toward that center point. Think of the downward pressure that the bowling ball exerts on the hammock, then apply that pressure inward from all 3 dimensions, almost as if things are being “sucked in,” instead of being simply “pulled down” with the bowling ball.

This, to me, makes more sense than the idea that small particles are constantly traveling in the vicinity of all matter (gravitons), pulling other objects toward themselves.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m no expert in gravitational physics. This is simply an idea that came to me one day, and I’ve been working on it for a while… ruminating and turning it over in my head, working out the details. It’s far from a complete theory, but I think it’s at least a working theory in its current state. But, if this is already part of some scientific theory, someone let me know. As far as I know, this could be the current theory of gravity. I don’t really keep up with the current literature on the subject.

Any thoughts and/or criticisms are welcome.

Read a book.

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