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FireFox Hangs On PDF Documents [A Solution]

Lately I’d been having a problem opening any PDF document in the FireFox browser. As soon as I would click on any PDF link, FireFox would immediately freeze. I’d end up having to use Task Manager to shut down the browser.

I’d tried using the ViewSourceWith plugin. Then I tried using the PDF Download plugin. Neither helped in any way, shape, or form.

What finally ended up working was opening up the Task Manager (pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del), and under the Processes tab, ending any Adobe Acrobat processes… in particular, “acrotray.exe.” Pretty much any process beginning with “acro.” After having ended all those tasks, FireFox opened up every PDF file without any problems at all. So, who knows what exactly was causing FireFox to hang?

Now, I know that isn’t the most technical solution, but it works. If you have any additional info, email me at godkillzyou@gmail.com.

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