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God Of The Gaps [How Bees Fly]

Throughout history (more specifically, religious history), God has always played an important role in human society. Not just the Christian God, but any being categorized under the word “God.” God’s purpose has always been to explain things we don’t understand. This holds especially true with natural phenomenon.

If we don’t understand what causes something, or we don’t understand how it works, then that means God does it through his Divine Magical Powers. And this is how it has always been. Where science is lacking in knowledge, God takes over, for the time being. This, also, has always been true. And this idea, that God is the cause of anything we don’t understand; this is the “God Of The Gaps.” God lives between the gaps of knowledge that science hasn’t filled in yet.

Science has come so far in the past 150 years (only mention Darwin or Einstein and Christians cringe). Because of this, God must be feeling quite a squeeze as of late. There are really very few places God has left to hide. The gaps are filling up quickly. The only place left for God, for now, is in the theory of Evolution. And there’s a good reason for that. Evolution is such a vast and complicated set of ideas that science cannot possibly fill in every single gap in the knowledge of the subject – especially for being such a relatively young idea.

Even so, Evolution is still very much a FACT. It is provable. What Fundamentalist Christians do is take a very small piece of information that science does not yet understand, and they say, “There!! Look! Science is WRONG! God created us!”

There is a huge difference between being wrong, and not yet having all of the information in order to formulate a conclusion. There is such a vast amount of information that proves that Evolution is fact, that these small gaps in information are more like the paint job on a new car – not the engine that makes it run.

That being said, science has filled in yet another gap. The flight of the bumblebee. Even though it was an urban legend, many Christians would wholeheartedly argue that God created the universe, and evidence for that lied in the fact that it is (allegedly) physically impossible for bees to fly. Basically, they took their lack of understanding of aerodynamics and used it against those who were ignorant enough to listen. Their basic claim is that the bumblebee is too heavy to fly, that it cannot physically generate enough lift with the size of its wings. And, here we go again, the only reason bees can fly is because God is making them fly with “Magical Powers.”

Well, now we can take all that garbage to the landfill. Bees can fly, and now we know how. And guess what? Surprise, surprise. It’s not with God’s “Magical Abilities.” No, it’s much more simple than that. The basic idea is that they control their flight not with an increase or decrease in the rate at which they flap their wings, but in changing the degree (larger or smaller) at which their wings flap. Shorter or longer strokes of the wings.

Now, for those of you who are visual learners, here’s a video from that study:

Simply amazing. And so, another gap closes, and God’s house is one room smaller. Oh, and forget about the Pearly Gates. Maybe He can get a fancy door knocker for that one bedroom apartment.

Read a book.

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