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I’ve Found My Truth (The Flying Spaghetti Monster)

We all struggle to find our own truth. What we consider to be “the Truth” as far as faith is concerned. So many unanswered questions in life. Questions that no one can answer absolutely. Where did we come from? Where did the Universe come from? What is the meaning of life?

Well, I’ve found my answer. I’ve found my Truth. My Truth lies in my Faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can visit the homepage of my new Church here. Everything you need to know is there.

Who is the Flying Spaghetti Monster? He’s the Creator. He’s invisible. He has a Noodly Appendage with which he performs all of his Miracles. He is my God.

Now, if you’ve been to the site and read what it’s all about, you may think it’s absurd. But, let me put this challenge to you. Can you disprove it? Can you prove that Global Warming is NOT related to the amount of pirates in the world? No more than you can prove that “Jesus is Lord.” In fact, Pastafarianism is far more believable than Christianity. We have a graph with statistical evidence. Visit the site for more info.

But there is a deeper issue at hand here. In the educational system, religious fanatics insist that, along with Evolution (a scientific theory), Creationism (Intelligent Design [ID]) should be taught in school. Intelligent Design cannot be proven. And since these religious people insist their beliefs must be taught in the school system, we (the Flying Spaghetti Monsterists) feel that our beliefs should also be given equal time in the education system. There are 10 million of us and growing.

I’m going to leave it up to you to visit the site and see the Truth. But I will end with a prayer:

Our pasta, who art in colander,
Draining be Your noodles.
Thy Noodle come, Thy sauce be yum,
On top of some grated Parmesan.
Give us, this day, our garlic bread,
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trample our lawns.
And lead us not into vegetarianism,
But deliver us some pizza.
For thine is the meatball, the noodle and the sauce,
Forever and ever.

May you forever be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

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