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Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero [I’m Scared]

Nine Inch Nails has a new album coming out this year entitled “Year Zero.” Have a look at the teaser video. [As a side note, if you stop this video where the sign passes by, you can see that it says “I Am Trying To Believe.” If you go to www.iamtryingtobelieve.com, this is another part of the Year Zero story.]

I don’t know about you, but I found it to be pretty scary. It reminds me of their video for “Gave Up.” Or, pretty much any video from the Broken album. Here’s the “Gave Up” video.

WARNING: Not for those with a weak stomach! Do NOT click this link if you puke easily. This is a very graphic video.

Trent was quoted as saying that “Gave Up” makes “Happiness In Slavery” look like a Disney movie. In case you are one who didn’t click the link, this video is basically showing a guy being tortured, cut up and eaten by another guy. Pretty bad.

My point is that Nine Inch Nails always has a certain quality to their videos. The home video camera quality. Distorted. Static. The camera is constantly moving, making it seem even more real.

That’s the exact feel this new “Year Zero” teaser gives. Some guy’s cruising down a highway in the desert somewhere and he just happens to catch this thing, which looks a lot like a hand (referred to as “The Presence”), coming out of the sky. Scary. The first time I watched it, I jumped. Well, I didn’t exactly jump, but it’s how it made me feel. A really eerie sensation went through my body.

I’m really excited about the new album, though. The marketing for this album has been innovative, to say the least. The previous link describes the whole story pretty well.

The entire thing is almost like a game. A puzzle. You learn about Parepin; a supposed mind-control drug that the government is putting in our water supply, they say to “prevent bio-terrorism.” Then the story brings you to another site that talks about a Year-Zero based religion called the Church of Plano. The story goes on and on.

The peculiar thing about these sites is that they are all very difficult to read. The text is garbled in a lot of places. But, you are able to read everything if you view the HTML source of each page.

I find this whole thing infinitely interesting. This has to be one of the most elaborate projects Nine Inch Nails has ever taken on. Here is a great place to start if you’re at all interested in the “Year Zero” phenomenon.

Also, the music on this album is said to be totally different from anything Nine Inch Nails has ever done. Trent says that it’s “[h]ighly conceptual. Quite noisy. Fucking cool.”

I’m excited. 4/17/2007 is the date.

Read a book. Oh, and I’m not really scared. I just keep telling myself that hand (the Presence) isn’t real.

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