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My First Impression Of ‘Gears Of War’ [XBox 360]

Wednesday November 22, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments


I don’t know what else to say about this game. I’ve never seen a game so visually stunning – and I’ve had “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” for a while now. This game captures the essence of what Next Gen is all about. The character design is incredible. Artistic. Everything is seamless. There’s no difference between the graphics in the cinematics and the actual game-play.

Remember playing games on the PS2 or XBox consoles… seeing the cinematics between the action, wondering if a game could ever look like that? The details in each character’s face, almost lifelike. Well, that time has arrived.

Gears Of War brings these people to life. I’m not sure how else I can say it.

The scenery is visually stunning. When it’s raining, you see the reflection of the water on the ground. You see it flowing, and in HD, it almost looks like your screen is actually wet.

As far as game-play, it’s the most intuitive I’ve seen in an action game. You can duck for cover behind pretty much any object. You can blindly fire around corners, or you can pop out from behind an object and aim with precision.

One surprise I got was finding out that it actually had a “Deathmatch” feature in versus mode. Any review I’d ever read about this game said that this was only available on XBox Live. They’d always stressed the fact that there was 2-player co-op mode and left the impression that there was no Deathmatch. Well, there is. It’s not called Deathmatch. It’s called “War Zone.”

I’ve only played this game for about 2 hours so far, but this first impression was enough to write about. Gears Of War is going down as a classic. A must-have for anyone serious about Next Gen gaming.

This game is better than Halo 1 or 2. Yeah, I said it. Gears Of War has set the bar really high. Halo 3 will have an extremely tough time topping this.

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