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MUP.SYS And Windows XP Start-Up Problems [Part I]

So I’ve been working on this computer for a guy I work with. He’d been having problems with it starting up. As soon as the introducing “Windows XP” screen begins to appear, either a “STOP 0x00000024,” or “STOP 0x24” error would pop up, or it would just restart itself. Microsoft gives this article in offering a solution, basically stating that the NTFS.SYS file has some type of error.

So I ran the “chkdsk /p” command and fixed that problem. After that, the computer made it past the Windows XP screen. But, at that point the screen went black and the computer froze. So I restarted in Safe Mode, and as the screen scrolled down all the drivers and files that were loading, it stopped on MUP.SYS.

I had no luck getting past this point. I figured that there must be a bunch of problems with his Windows installation, so I reinstalled it for him.

Everything was working fine except for the fact that I couldn’t establish a default gateway, in order to get an internet connection. I’d tried everything. Changing any settings under the connection. Restarting. Making sure everything was connected (always try the obvious).

My friend Aaron was here this weekend, and he tried unplugging the modem and plugging it back in. Success!! So everything was working great. I connected to the internet, installed all the updates from Microsoft.com. Then came installing Service Pack 2. As soon as I finished installing it, things got weird. As soon as I restarted after installing SP2, the monitor went to only 4-bit color, and it was under “VGASave” mode… a Windows Service. When I disabled this service, the computer locked up after reaching MUP.SYS again.

So, the way it stands now, I’ve uninstalled SP2, and everything is working fine. I know that I haven’t “solved” the problem, but if anyone is reading this and is having the same problem – I hope that maybe I’ve shed a little insight into the cause of this problem… filled in a gap in some missing information.

I’m going to write again after I finish with it. If you’re reading this and have any advice, let me know.

For the conclusion to this episode, the entry can be found here.

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