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The strangest thing has been happening lately, when I get home from work in the morning. I’ve got one of those motion-sensing spotlights for my back door, and it’s usually dark when I get home. So it kicks on when I pull into the driveway.

Now, I usually sit in the car for a few minutes before I go inside. I like to listen to Beaner & Ken for a few minutes. So anyway, when I walk up to the porch, there is a huge swarm of bees around the spotlight. The first time it happened, about a week or so ago, I couldn’t believe it. I’d never seen that many bees in one spot before. It was like a cloud of bees, and they didn’t look happy.

They were everywhere. So there I am, standing at the door (about 6 feet from that light), fumbling for the house key so I can hurry up and get inside. Luckily they were distracted by the light.

So, I get inside and look through the blinds for a closer look. They’re all over the window and hovering around the light.

I don’t get it. I went out during the day and looked all around that area. There isn’t a bee’s nest anywhere near that light. I’m just hoping it isn’t like what happened at this guy’s house.

It’s really strange. It’s happened pretty much every morning for the past week. It even happened this morning. About 45 degrees outside, in the pouring rain. I thought they’d be like hibernating or something.

Needless to say, I make sure I have my house key in hand when I head inside.

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