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"Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog" [Issue #5 – The "CyWorld Sucks" Special Edition]

Issue #5 of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog.” This is a special edition. It’s dedicated to CyWorld, the social networking site from South Korea that’s just opened up its US Beta. If you haven’t read my post concerning this site, CyWorld sucks!! Don’t believe the hype. I’ve tried it myself, and that’s why I’m putting CyWorld at the very top of this issue. I would never read any blog on CyWorld. And with that, let’s get into this week’s blatant abusers of internet bandwidth.

DANCE to the rhythm of my heart… J.” This blog is a prime example of why children should be supervised on the internet. A home with children in it should have the computer in a place where parents can easily observe their children’s activities. On the sidebar, it says “I’m Just a Girl. Stalk me!?” And just below that, she gives 2 telephone numbers!! This along with 5 other ways to contact her. Do you know what your kids do online? And you can’t blame this one on MySpace. Learn how to be a parent.

This Goes Out to You… You.” Here is an example of an overabundance of graphics and, what I talked about in a previous issue, what I referred to as “attention getting” fonts and colors. These things, in moderation, are possibilities for a decent blog. But, when used in excess, do nothing but detract from the quality of the blog. You limit yourself to an audience of people who know you personally, and who don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying your blog sucks ass. Think about the last book you read. Did they need to put flashy colors and graphics on the pages to get you to read it? No.

I understand that the web gives us these capabilities, and blogging has opened up a new world of self-expression. But these things shouldn’t be the foundation of your blog. It’s the same with advertising. When you hear commercials use words like effervescent, sophisticated, uplifting, miraculous, etc., they ruin the meaning of these words. When you stand at Niagara Falls and think about how this natural formation is “breathtaking,” think about how some advertising guy said the same thing about your toothpaste. When you use a barrage of graphics and flash animations on your blog, it desensitizes your readers to the actual content of your blog. It becomes sterile.

Noodles and Doodles.” This one is a personal choice. I suppose they all are, but this is more of a taste preference. I think most of my readers will agree with me, and so I’ll put it in this issue. I can’t stand arts & crafts. In particular, I can’t stand blogs about arts & crafts. I hate homemade salt shakers, aprons made with flowers, Paper Mache envelopes, knitting and buttons. This blog has all of these things. When I opened this blog, I felt like I was in an antique store. Some people may like antiques, but as for me, I’ll sit in the car an gnaw on my own flesh. You can go inside and look at bric-a-brac knick-knacks.

Well, that’s it for this issue, #5, of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog.” I hope you’ve enjoyed this more than I enjoyed reading these. I hope you’re left with a few more lessons on the art of blogging, and because this is the special “CyWorld Sucks” issue, don’t forget that it certainly does suck. You can even try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. But trust me, you’ll have your account deleted within 10 minutes of setting it up, like I did.

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