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CyWorld. The New MySpace? I Don’t Think So.

A few days ago CNet News had an article about a new “Social Networking” site, similar to MySpace that is supposedly huge in South Korea. It’s called CyWorld. The article talked about how “more than 90 percent of South Koreans between 20 and 29 are estimated to have pages on the network, and about 80 percent of all citizens in that age bracket use the site daily, members and non-members alike.” With statistics like that, how could someone not take the plunge and try it out?

I’ll spare you the aggravation of trying it out for yourself. Unless, of course, you’re a glutton for punishment and frustration. Then feel free to try it out for yourself. This site is absolutely ridiculous. It’s completely user UNfriendly. It’s cluttered. You have to use these “Acorns” in order to use different services, a type of “payment system.” And like Friendster, you are able to see everyone who has viewed your profile, or “mini-home.” (Of course, Friendster allows you to opt out. CyWorld does not.) Not something for those who like their privacy. Something that’s becoming a rare commodity these days. Oh, and you can’t even use the service in one browser window. Your “mini-home” is in one, and the other crap is in another. I became angry with it after about 10 minutes.

Overall, CyWorld is very childish in nature. I can’t picture anyone over the age of 12 really getting into this site. I give CyWorld two E-Stabs in the gut. Don’t waste your time. MySpace has nothing to worry about.

Read a book. Don’t watch TV.

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  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday September 5, 2006 at 12:06 AM

    I have to say, your opinion about cyworld is a little biased to those who are very used to myspace. I tried myspace just recently and had such a struggle to figure out how things worked: their design in architecturing information is very bad, and I am not quite sure why but I am getting too many messages that they have an unexpected error.


    Cyworld, as you have explained, does have a childish atmosphere in comparison with myspace. I totally agree. But in a different point of view, this could be explained as a user friendly interface. For those who has no experience in being online, or for those who don’t know much about html would be more attracted to cyworld, simply because it is easier. I totally understand that you have a strong belief that myspace has nothing to worry about, but hey.. I have you tell you my friend, they do. My reasons are simple: cyworld is more intuitive then myspace for those who have no experience in using neither of the services.

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