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"Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog" [Issue #2]

Wow! I’ve actually made it to the second issue of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog!” Could this mean I’m going to do what I set out to do? Who knows? Let’s just take it a week at a time. But let’s not waste any more time with introductions. Let’s get right into it. “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog: Issue #2.”

Here’s the “Asthma Advisor.” First off, as soon as the page opens, you notice that this page is nothing but a blatant attempt at obtaining advertising revenues from Google’s AdSense program. Huge 250×250 pixel ads prominently displayed everywhere. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with using Google’s AdSense program. I use it. But, I use it responsibly. I try to give my site a bit of integrity. The focus of my site is not the advertising. When someone uses their site to obscenely clutter it with advertisements, the result is obnoxious bullshit – like this site.

There may actually be useful information on the “Asthma Advisor,” but I can’t find it sifting through all the ads. And I’m not taking the extra time it would require to do so. I’ll go elsewhere for information about “feeling better.”

Ok, here we go. What is this? “Cute Animals?” This is the biggest pile of shit on the internet, right here. Six pictures of animals. Cats and dogs. Then some little piece of indecipherable writing.

The thing people need to realize is that the internet is not outside the jurisdiction of English grammar. You can’t just throw a couple intransitive verbs next to a preposition or two, accompanied by miscellaneous letters and assume people will understand one word you are saying. You still have to write comprehensibly, in English. If you punch your keyboard, I won’t be able to understand you. (And like I said in the last issue, people don’t give a shit about “cute animals” on your blog – especially cats and dogs. I’ll go visit a “Full House” fan site if I wanted to look at that garbage.)

I think this guy is Jesus’ secretary. He says that “My blog exists to help folks find God’s purpose for their lives and pursue it efficiently and effectively for His glory.” I have a hard time associating God’s Purpose with efficiency and effectiveness. Is this guy supposed to be a motivational speaker? If someone is supposedly “following God’s Will,” shouldn’t they let God provide methods of efficiency and effectiveness? I mean, this guy isn’t like God’s career counselor or something, is he?

I can’t say that this site is the most horrible that I’ve seen, but, again, like the circus blog I covered in the last issue, it’s a really bad idea to put all of your posts on the main page. I really hate scrolling endlessly to read post after post. It’s not like it’s hard to do either, putting 1 or 2 posts on the main page. In your Blogger settings, just set it to display “3 posts on the main page.” That’s all there is to it. You’ll make your readers much happier.

Butterflies!!” Bullshit. What is the purpose of this blog? What is this person trying to communicate to their readers? All I see are scrolling dogs that I have no interest in seeing.

Ok, I’m done with this issue. I’m feeling sick. Someone, please, put some worthwhile material out there for me to read.

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  1. Linda
    Tuesday August 1, 2006 at 6:36 AM

    Whew! Caught me just in time. I was just about to upload my adorable pug’s picture. While writing a sermon-blog and linking lots of popups. Seriously though, as a brand new blogger, I’m still figuring out what’s interesting and what’s crap. So I’m looking forward to the next installment of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog”. If for no other reason than to make sure I’m not in it!

    (Thanks for the helpful comment to my blog =)

  2. Anonymous
    Sunday March 25, 2007 at 9:58 AM

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