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The U.S.A. [A Place To Pack Shit]

Have you ever just looked around you and tried to really put things in perspective? I don’t mean like what you’re doing with your life, or how you’re going to solve a certain problem. I mean, like the human condition we’re living in.

Wherever you are right now, just take a look around you. Go ahead… do it. Now think about the phrase, “money isn’t everything.” Did you see anything around you that didn’t involve money? Everything is money. Money is everything.

Try this. The next time you hop in your car and go for a drive, wherever you’re headed, take a look at the landscape. Then try to tell me that we humans haven’t turned what used to be a pristine, uncontaminated piece of land into a giant shopping mall.

We Americans sure do love to shop. It takes our minds off issues that really need to be dealt with. We don’t have to confront the deep-seated issues within our souls when our attention is directed at inanimate objects. Consuming products helps us to forget. As every television commercial tells us, no one will have sex with us if we don’t consume the product they are advertising.

And so, what do we do? We turn every inch of untouched land into “developed” land. And by developed, we mean a place to either sell shit (stores, malls, car dealerships, etc.), or a place to pack shit that has already been sold (homes). Oh, and don’t forget the landfills. Places to pack shit that’s already been sold, and already been used.

It’s really disgusting to think about. All we that we are… little vessels that take shit in and poop shit out. That is the sum of our achievements. Our greatest goal. We think of better and faster ways to pump shit in and pump shit out. And yet, no one has really even noticed the progression. We were probably too busy watching TV.

Read a book.

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  1. Linda
    Tuesday August 1, 2006 at 6:38 AM

    Well said.

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