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“Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog” [Issue #1]

This is to be the first installment of a (hopefully) weekly “segment” I’ll be doing entitled “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog.” I’ve discovered that there are so many blogs out there that are filled completely with trash that isn’t even worth the server space used to store it on. The most upsetting part about this is the fact that the blogs I’m speaking of encompass about 95% of all blogs published on the internet.

I’m hoping that maybe with this segment people will gain a better understanding of what makes a blog readable (tolerable), and what kind of material can retain a reader’s attention. What makes a blog interesting (in a general sense). I intend on pointing these things out with the use of negative reinforcement. If I point out the things that would make me avoid a certain blog, people will gain better insight on what not to do or write about.

Now, I’m not claiming to be a professional authority on blogging, but I believe that I’m an average blog reader, and I feel that there are a lot of people out there who share my opinion, that most blogs out there are garbage.

So enough for the introduction. Let’s get started with the first installment of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog.”

The “Cars Diary” is a prime example of what I’m speaking of. Now, the layout isn’t horrible, but content is what I want to focus on. First off, this is directed at an audience so narrow, that unless you were searching the internet for specifically the history of the automobile, you’d never even know this page exists.

The content in this blog is totally unnecessary. There are millions of websites out there that map out the history of the automobile (in more detail than this). There is nothing new and interesting here. About.com has a few sites dedicated to automobile history. Or, you could Google “Auto History” and be inundated with sites about this topic.

The reason I bring this up is because a blog is meant to be (as the name implies – short for Web Log) a log of events, thoughts, opinions, etc. Not a place for redundant information that can be found anywhere. Now, if this person was voicing their opinion about this history of the automobile, then this may be a different story.

Overall, I give the Cars Diary two thumbs way down.

Ok. Here’s one. “Life In The Litter Box.” I’m not going into too much detail here just because it’s obvious what’s wrong here. No one gives a shit about someone else’s cat.

Buckles Web Log.” Here’s a great one. The layout is terrible. Every post is located right on the main page, so you have to scroll endlessly to view redundant, ridiculous, useless information. If someone wanted to make a dent in the current state of the collective unconscious, they wouldn’t be writing blogs about the history of the circus. I can’t really think of any serious adult reading blogs looking for a complete history of the circus.

Finally, “Shannon: Blog.” First and foremost, I wish death upon this person’s loved ones. As soon as I opened this blog I got a pop-up ad. This person (I’m assuming her name is Shannon) went out of her way to learn how to insert pop-up ads into her Blogger blog. Blogger does not use pop-up advertisements. That’s the main reason I would never read this blog.

Because of that pop-up, I instantly closed the window, not giving the site another look. This should be, by far, the primary thing to take away from this first edition of “Why I Wouldn’t Read This Blog.” If you use pop-ups on your blog, no one will read it. So don’t waste your time. It’s not clever, impressive or even mildly stimulating. You aren’t any higher on the food chain than a flabby hunk of whale shit.

Well, I hope this first installment was informative and maybe slightly entertaining. Join me next week as I take a look at a few more wanton wastrels of internet bandwidth.

Read a book.

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  1. ICM
    Saturday July 22, 2006 at 5:56 PM

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll try hard not to let it be one of the “wastrels of internet bandwidth” you disdain so.

  2. Sarah Smile
    Friday July 28, 2006 at 6:09 PM

    I love that circus link, thanks!

    And of course no one cares about anyone else’s cat, but hey, if it makes her happy ……

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