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Late For Work

Damn it. You know that feeling you get as soon as you open your eyes and you know it’s too dark outside (or for those with day jobs, too bright), that you should have been awake a while ago? That sickly feeling right in your chest/stomach area? You want to bolt right up, run out the door and, if you drive 80 the whole way, make it to work on time. But you realize that you’ve woken up with just enough time for it to be impossible for that to happen. So you lay there for a couple minutes and just get really pissed deep within yourself because that’s all you can really do. Get pissed quietly.

Yeah, that happened to me last night. I was only late by like 15 minutes, but I was still really pissed. And you know when you’re late for work, it totally ruins the rest of the day. For a brief minute I entertained the thought of just calling in. If I’m going to get written up, I might as well make it good. But, I didn’t. My conscience got the better of me. I was also reminded of what happened on the 4th. I need the hours.

So yeah. Being late for work sucks.

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