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Walmart Downsies & We Disgusting Humans

Does anyone hate Walmart as much as I do? And I’m not talking just about how our economy is destroyed by them, how local businesses are shut down because they can’t compete, how they pay minimum wage to their workers with little or no benefits, etc. These are all valid reasons, but this is not what I’m talking about. No, I’m talking about Walmart Downsies. The population that frequents Walmart. Those who shop and work there.

It’s when you step into any neighborhood Walmart that all façades are removed from the face of humanity. All veils that may cover our true primitive essence are stripped away. We see that humans are no different from any other beast. The only two things that make us “superior” to any other animal are guns and electricity. (In fact, this will tie in to how I feel that humans are the most vile species on this planet.)

In case we’re not on the same page, in case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll illustrate for you. There are, starting with the employees, 2 basic models. There’s the Downsy (Down Syndrome ridden individuals), and there’s the 65 year-old forced out of retirement due to Walmart’s effects on the economy. Every once in a while, you’ll run into the quasi-computer geek type who has no social skills whatsoever, and who really knows very little about computers or electronics – even though he works in that department.

It’s interesting how their uniform thing says, “How May I Help You?” This is the question they are least capable of answering. I mean, if it said, “May I Please Unabashedly Drool All Over and Respond To Your Questions With ‘I Don’t Know,’” this would be more fitting. Or, for variety, another one might say, “How Do You Like The Way My Child’s Sweatpants Look On Me? Do They Go Well With These Moon Boots?”

But, it’s not just the employees who exhibit this type of existence. There seems to be some type of device centrally placed in each Walmart which attracts dirt, low IQs, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome humans. (Keep in mind, these are the people who elect our president.) There is an abundance of camouflage, screaming, rough body slams, and talk about how much they love LL Cool J and WWE Wrestling. At the same time, contained in their lives, there is very little book reading, collective unconscious-enhancing activity, pre-frontal cortex stimulation, or even intelligible English.

This, I believe, is the result of human inhibitions being completely removed. Most of us live in what might be termed “respectable,” or “civilized” social situations. It is all, of course, an illusion. It’s all the result of social conditioning, advertising/media, and a society based solely upon money (which we are all a slave to). Without our social inhibitions, we shake loose the bonds of thought and consciousness, and become the Walmart Downsy we were meant to be. Mindless cogs living on a consumer plantation, consuming piles of plastic and panel-board.

And what would happen if we were to eliminate electricity and guns? In probably 2 years time, we’d be no different than any other animal in the forest. Our society would completely crumble, any hint of “civilization” would be completely gone, and we’d discover how truly revolting the human race really is.

I’m not being facetious. Humans are the most vile species on this planet. We are, after all, the only species on the planet that kills members of its own or other species for personal gain or entertainment. Not only that, but think of the most disgusting animal or insect, and the most sordid thing that life form does, and I’ll show you something humans do that’s 10x worse. Let’s do a “for example.” Maybe a few of them. Rats are pretty nasty creatures. Most people cringe at the sight of them. Now, no matter how sick and vile they seem, a rat would never have sex with another dead rat. It wouldn’t even cross its mind. Us humans, we even have a name for it… necrophilia. People having sex with dead people. And we call ourselves civilized.

Let’s do another “for example.” The common house fly is one of the most dangerous insects because of its eating habits. After eating trash and fecal matter (poop), it lands on our countertop or even our food, spreading sickness and disease. Andwe humans, for some strange reason, feel we’re above this behavior. Do me a quick favor and Google “eat poop.” I wouldn’t recommend an image search. This is an entire industry. Thousands of people who either eat poopy, or watch other people eat poopy as a means of entertainment. Flies eat poop as a means of survival. They have adapted through evolution to make use of the elements in poop. Not humans. No, we just eat and play with poopy as a means of entertainment and intramural activity.

Now, I’m not writing this to be disgusting, but to prove a point. There’s a really good reason aliens don’t stop by and say hello. One of the only things Freud was right about was the fact that the most disgusting thing you could possibly think of, no matter what it is, there is someone on this planet doing it right now. Not that someone had at some point done it, but that they are doing it as we speak. And you can’t say that about any other animal on this planet.

Right now someone is eating poop for fun.

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