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MySpace.com – The Downfall of Civilization

I don’t know what the deal is lately, but there’s a real parenting problem in this country. I don’t think I’ve been able to turn on a news program in the past 2 or 3 months without hearing about how MySpace is destroying “Middle America,” or how it’s turning our nation’s children into sex addicts, or whatever else it’s being accused of. First it was Gangsta Rap in the 90’s, then it was video games (more recently). Now it’s MySpace.

I’m so tired of turning on the news and listening to some woman say how, “I had no idea my 13-year-old was doing such-and-such.” Wake up! Your job as a parent didn’t end when you squeezed that little lump of squirming flesh out from between your legs. I mean, what does this say about her as a parent? I can’t tell. I’m too distracted by all the references to MySpace, the Devil, “Good Christian Values,” and all of the commercials telling me that no one will find me attractive if I don’t consume the products they are offering me.

This is just a phase. There will be something else sooner or later that bad parents will look to for a scapegoat for their own failures. When my kids act up, I don’t look around my house for something that caused them to behave the way they did. Maybe it’s the way we decorated the house? Maybe Raymour & Flanagan are to blame? Maybe Ikea? No. If my kids don’t know how to behave, I (and I alone) am to blame. If you’re incapable of understanding this, you shouldn’t be a parent.

I’ve long thought that before anyone is allowed to become a parent, they must pass a special test and be issued a license. This country would be far better off. Everyone is required to take a road test before they get a driving license. Isn’t parenting a child a far more significant endeavor than driving a car? I think very much so. A child with ill-equipped parents is doomed to failure and a lifetime of McJobbery.

Think of how much better off we’d be as a society full of capable parents!

Turn off your TV. Read a book.

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