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Gay Marriage And American "Values"

I don’t know what it is about our government, but it drives me insane when they start talking about values and preserving the ones our country was founded on. This whole gay marriage thing is absolutely absurd. Is it Christian values they’re trying to preserve? It’s all a huge heaping pile, if you ask me.

What values were this country founded on? Killing Native Americans? Stealing land? Slavery? Is that what we’re trying to preserve? Apparently so. Besides the fact that Christianity is the biggest form of mental slavery there is, or ever was, why are we so willing to preserve the values of hypocrites? And by hypocrites, I mean slave owners who professed that “all men are created equal.” (And we’re surprised when a President lies to us to get us to support a war.)

Anyway, the only real point I wanted to make was that any time our government starts talking about values is when they want your attention directed away from something else – a war, for example. It’s why we have “Reality TV.” Because we are the docile masses who require mild brain stimulation in order to continue consuming products we don’t need. Why do you think American Gladiators was so successful? Pituitary retards wrestling each other. C’mon now people, wake up.

Read a book.

  1. 21st Century Realist
    Thursday June 15, 2006 at 1:21 AM

    American “values” are a set of morals, boundaries or guidelines if you will, that further the selfish, short-sighted and ignorant asperations of hypocrits and self-absorbed savages by any means necessary typically with a financial return or in this case, to take attention off of a terrible war. The war is losing support amongst his core, the same group who believe in a Gay marriage amendment. If he can take the attention off their sons being killed in a desert region that most Americans can’t find on a map and show that he is doing something to keep “morality” at home, they might think “he is doing his best considering. . .” Christianity and consumerism have become a 1-2 punch to control the massees in America. If they can’t get us with morality and values with God- then they’ll certainly hit us with more reasons to buy- keep the country going-Our economy needs us more than ever. It’s always the same bullshit. I believe in spirituality and jesus, but I don’t believe in Christianity and the same ill-filled ideas, tricks and philosophies that are used today that also created Christianity what has become.

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