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Deal Or No Deal [More TV Trash]

My favorite show. The only show I watch. Deal Or No Deal. It may not be my favorite show anymore.

On iTunes, there is an option to listen to radio on the internet. There is a radio show called American Cliché. The host of the show went to a taping of last week’s show and was in the audience. He talked about what exactly happened during the filming.

The audience actually had to act out responses prior to anything happening. The producers asked the audience what their response would be if, say, the contestant opened the $1 million case; what would they do if the contestant opened the $1 case? There were countless takes and retakes. Then the audience would be told different gestures that they should make when each case was opened. The filming lasted 5+ hours! But the worst part…

Most of the audience close to where Howie Mandel stands weren’t even actual audience members, like the people that they get off the street – like the host of American Cliché. These people are actually paid extras that are hired from casting companies – paid to act as audience members! These people make minimum wage as paid audience members for the show!

I couldn’t believe this when I heard it. Makes me think twice about watching it. I should have relied on my gut instinct which said that all television truly is trash.

Read a book.

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