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God Part V (My Theory of Existence)

As promised, I intend to give you an idea (theory) of how I view reality. I came up with it basically from just observing the world, a little reading on chemistry, and a little understanding of our solar system. And I’m more than open to criticism. After all, our very lives depend only upon truth.

I’m not exactly sure where to start with this. I suppose I could start at the smallest level and work upwards. I guess it would be back in high school where we learned a little about molecular structure. I didn’t pay too much attention in high school – or junior high for that matter. I read a lot now, and I think I’ve learned more since graduation than I did in my entire career in public school. I’d never even read a complete book until some time after I graduated. I guess music and skateboarding were more important at that time.

Anyway, on to my theory. The atom has a nucleus which consists of protons and neutrons, and revolving around the nucleus are electrons. The atom makes up every bit of matter in existence. Our bodies, the Earth itself, the sun… everything. The only thing that makes elements different from one another is the combination of protons, neutrons and electrons in a given atom. So, basically everything is made up of, essentially, the same 3 things (not taking into account quarks, bosons and other subatomic particles that I have very little knowledge of, and would have a tough time explaining right now.). As we learn more about the atom, and our technology grows more and more sophisticated, we find that as we magnify the atom, space between the particles becomes greater and greater, relatively speaking. If the technology existed, we could, in theory, magnify an atom to such a degree that the space between the nucleus and the ring of electrons would be that of the distance between our Earth and the Sun.

Size. Our minds can’t even comprehend size, as it is in reality. Imagine the space between atomic particles so vast that worlds pass between them. If we were to print out a map of our Milky Way galaxy the size of a football field, our planet wouldn’t even be the size of the tip of a pencil.

So, taking what I know about the atom, it seemed to me very similar to the way our solar system operates. The planets revolve around the sun, the same way the electrons revolve around the nucleus. And the same with our solar system. It revolves, along with other planetary and solar bodies, around our galaxy.

I also found a striking resemblance in human behavior. We are creatures of habit, and in a sense our mind “revolves” around certain behaviors. I suppose this isn’t a direct relationship to the rest of my theory, but it is a relationship, nonetheless. Attraction, repulsion, size. It seems to be the way everything works. It relates to everything. Size, even on the mental plain, in the human arena, effects all of us. Ideas. Great ideas amass a following. Think of how much influence money has on people. The idea of currency and power.

I know these observations are all common sense. But, taken as a whole, viewing our mental process along with the physical universe, looking at them in the same light, there seems little difference between them. There isn’t much difference between the planets revolving around the sun, and the man who spends his life pursuing money.

Now think about what I’ve been explaining in this way. Maybe we’re only part of one level of existence. Maybe this solar system, our planet, our galaxy is only an atom. Maybe if, when the technology is available, we examine the atom only to find that each electron possesses masses of clusters of tiny objects. Not only that, but taken a step further, if we could zoom even closer into that electron and those tiny particles, we find that these particles have similar properties to our sun. So strikingly similar that these tiny “suns” also have even smaller particles revolving around them. Similar to… planets. And maybe, just maybe, we could zoom in close enough to these infinitely small “planets” and find ourselves.

Now, I’m not a scientist, and I’m sure there are probably a lot of flaws in this theory… but as Einstein himself said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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