God (Part II)

So I probably left the taste in your mouth with my last entry that I don’t believe there is a God. That’s not necessarily true. I’m an agnostic, which means that I don’t feel theres enough evidence to point either way… and due to that fact, whether there is or is not a God is irrelevant. A God that demanded you believe in Him would make sure it was obvious he existed. He wouldn’t rely on a man-made book that requires literacy in order to understand Him.

Devout believers would ask me the question, “What if you’re wrong? What if, when you die, you meet Him?” I would simply say, in the words of Bertrand Russell, “Lord, you failed to provide sufficient evidence.”

In any case, let me continue where I left off in my last post. I’d started talking about how prayer is totally contradictory to what God is, or is supposed to be, and how God is all-knowing and all-powerful and all that. Now, taking into account that God is all-knowing, how can the following account found in Genesis be true? When God saw that mankind was evil and told Noah to build the Ark because He regretted creating man. That Noah and his family were the only righteous people on the planet. If God was, supposedly, all-knowing, He would have known that this event was going to occur from the moment He created man and would have maybe started with creating Noah? If God is infallible, then how could He have made this error? How could he regret creating man? Taking this a step further, God would have known that Jesus was going to have to die on the cross to save man, from the very instant he began with creation. This only tells me that the Christian God is bloodthirsty and vengeful. How many wars are documented in the Bible about God telling His people to kill, sparing no one including women and children. To “dash the children upon the stones.” What ever happened to “Thou shalt not kill?”

Next topic. That good ol one-word topic that Bible-believers dread hearing: dinosaurs. I’ve studied the Bible, read it several times through. I’ve looked through concordance after concordance. I cant find T-Rex or Brontosaurus anywhere in there. Maybe a Pterodactyl or a Triceratops? Not a chance. There isn’t even a mention of fossils in there. Now, a book that is supposed to document every significant event concerning creation and life, in my opinion, should probably mention dinosaurs somewhere. And I’m not talking about that one obscure passage where Ezekiel saw the wheel and there is a vague verse about a large beast resembling an elephant. I’m talking about the 250 million years that dinosaurs actually roamed the Earth without humans. And don’t give me that garbage about God putting fossils in the ground to “test your faith.”

Faith. Faith is used to describe a position one takes, where they replace evidence with emotion. Where there is a lack of evidence, they replace it with emotion. The problem with that is the emotion usually put in place of the evidence. Hatred and anger. Any faith worth having is worth taking a critical look at. But, instead of taking that stance, any evidence offered to the contrary of their beliefs is met with anger, denial and sometimes car bombs. A sad state of affairs in the human condition. Becoming emotionally attached to an idea.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m right and they’re wrong. I just know what I’ve observed in my life, and its what I’ve found to be true through actual investigation and taking a long hard look at my own beliefs. I spent a long time defending the Bible, and what it stands for. What I thought I stood for. It became too hard to be so intellectually dishonest with myself. I couldn’t defend everything constantly, knowing that I was lying to myself. It made me question the reasons I claimed to have faith in Christianity.

Religion served its purpose back when it was created. To control behavior. As mankind evolves and makes stunning new scientific discoveries, the old time religions lose their validity. They’re no longer relevant. They do nothing but retard human progress. They cause needless suffering. Obscure dogmas, traditions, creeds and ceremonies. Wars. Killing in the name of God. The most absurd concept on the face of the planet. It’s exactly what I stated in my first post. People killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend. I’ve tried imagining myself in that position. Trying to imagine myself taking another human life because of the beliefs that person held. It’s unconscionable.

Is it a lack of education? Is it the education we do receive? Are we being taught in public schools not to question what is told to us? Where are our critical thinking skills? TV probably doesn’t help matters. I’d better not start talking about TV, though. That’s another long, drawn out topic.

To Be Continued…

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