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NYC Terror Threats

I knew I was right! I had told a few people about what I thought would happen with this “terror threat” in NYC. Typical of our government. It’s no different than the reason we got into this war with Iraq.

According to CNN, the whole thing was a hoax. The only source of the information about this potential “threat” was one guy – who had lied about things to the government before. But, it didn’t really matter, did it? I suppose they don’t really need a credible source for their information. Just someone who will say what they want to hear. And by “what they want to hear,” I mean that this guy will say something that will ruin a holiday weekend. If he will say something that will scare people into staying home until it’s time to go back to work, they’ll spout off anything this guy wants.

Just like the WMD situation. Every bit of information the Bush administration received relating to WMDs came from ONE PERSON! It’s like this administration (government) only looks hard enough to find what they want to find out (kind of like “Creation Scientists”), and they disregard any type of further investigation into the matter. As long as they can find someone to tell them information to further their agenda, they’re happy.

And, of course, my favorite part of the article: “In addition, information alleging that someone involved in a possible New York plot had entered the United States has not been corroborated. “We still do not know if such a person even exists,” an official said.”

In Bloomberg’s final remarks, he says, “…we’re going to take every single threat that has any chance of being credible seriously and do exactly what we did.” The only problem was that this threat didn’t have any chance of being credible, and they did what they did. But, I suppose that isn’t Bloomberg’s fault. I think what we have here are 2 different agendas at work. The State government is trying to protect the people, but the Federal government is trying to push a fear agenda. So it’s not like anyone can really trust anything the Feds say. Not as long as it’s a Bush (Republican) administration… or Democrat, for that matter.

Anyway, I didn’t really mean to go on about this. It’s just that I knew that this was going to happen – because the weekend’s over. Every terror threat we’ve had has been either on a weekend or a holiday. Maybe the Bush administration is trying to push a 7 day, 180 hour workweek with no overtime pay? Could be… especially if his best friend gets into the Supreme Court (Harriet Miers). You know, the one who’s never been a judge in her life!? He wants her to sit on the highest court in the land!! She’s probably never even heard a case for a traffic ticket, and she’s going to tell me what’s right and wrong? I don’t think so.

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