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Hurricane Katrina

This whole thing with Hurricane Katrina is kinda scary. Mostly because it’s effects are a lot more far-reaching than just where the hurricane hit. Gas prices are getting insane. It’s going to cost more to drive to work than I make working there. I can only imagine how the trucking and airline industry must be feeling this. In any case, it’s a sad state of affairs for everyone.

It kinda makes you realize how fragile our existence really is. How everything we depend on is also dependent upon a very delicate balance of nature. The slightest disruption results in something like Hurricane Katrina.

Our dependency upon oil doesn’t help matters, either. In fact, I think it’s going to be our Achilles’ Heel. Rome didn’t last forever, and we probably won’t either. It’s just sad that what we consider our greatest invention (the automobile) will lead us to our greatest downfall.

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