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Rapid Reading Book

Torri turned 2 months old just this passed week. It’s weird. The time seems to be flying by. She’s already growing out of her clothes!

Borders is going alright. It’s pretty monotonous. But, at the same time, while I’m putting books away I find all kinds of new stuff I want to read.

We finally got some snow! My first winter in Central NY and we get a mild winter. I was looking forward to the feet upon feet of the white stuff. Now the weatherman says no snow for at least a week! Unbelievable.

Started reading “Breakthrough Rapid Reading.” It’s really a good book. Following the recommended exercises and drills, it will take 6 weeks to complete. But, already I’m experiencing a big increase in my speed and comprehension. When I started, I was reading about 200 words per minute. After the first week, I’m already at 500-600 words per minute. The goal is, at the end of the book, to be able to read 1200 to 2000 words per minute! It’s so fast. A lot of times, when I’m doing the exercises I don’t even feel like I’m reading. But that’s kind of the point. We’ve read at basically the same speed our whole lives, and because we don’t practice reading faster, our brain isn’t ready to read that fast. But, technically our brains are capable of taking in entire pages at a time. We’ve just never developed our brain-eye coordination to do that. JFK was known to be able to read an entire page in 3 seconds. Roosevelt used to read a book a day – before breakfast! I find that kind of stuff fascinating.

So yeah, that’s about it for now.

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