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Torri & Influencing Human Behavior

Well, the doctor says that Torri should be arriving this week. According to Joanna, she doesn’t feel that way. She has the feeling that she’s going to be overdue. We only have 11 days left until her due date, so we’ll see who’s right. I personally think she’ll be here this week.

Started reading a new book (new to me – published in 1925). It’s called “Influencing Human Behavior,” by H.A. Overstreet. So far it’s quite revealing. I would’ve liked to think that people were less machine-like. But some of the ideas in this book tend to prove otherwise. For example, when trying to convince someone of something, if you get them to answer questions in the affirmative, it pushes their mind in that direction – leaving them open to ideas they might not normally be open to. Once someone says “no,” it makes it that much easier to keep saying no. But, due to pride, if one answers “yes” enough, it causes the person to feel weak to change their mind; to just start answering “no.”

The book described a salesman, and the two different approaches. When the salesman asks the woman, “Would you like to buy an Encyclopedia?” Instantly she replies with, “No!” But, when asking first, “Ma’am, do you have children?” she isn’t expecting the question, and answers in the affirmative. Then he asks a series of other questions getting her to answer in the affirmative. This leads to the sale, whereas the man who came out and asked, “Do you want to buy such-and-such?” loses out.

I’m only on like the 3rd chapter, but it’s engrossing nonetheless. After all, isn’t the influence the greatest thing we can accomplish in this world?

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