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Dreaming of Chuck Norris

You wanna know something that’s totally messed up? Think of the most ridiculous show that ever aired on television. For those of you not familiar with it, the name is “Walker: Texas Ranger.” Yeah, that Chuck Norris guy, he has this show where he just hangs out with, like, Native Americans and fights people. Yeah, I actually dreamt about that show last night. I’m almost ashamed to even say that.

I don’t even know exactly what the dream was about. I just remember seeing Native Americans, and then Chuck Norris fighting various people. Maybe that show was on in the middle of the night and I was hearing it in my sleep. But man, I felt really depressed knowing I had a dream about Walker: Texas Ranger.

The only other thing that’s new is my profile pic. It’s pretty sweet. It’s not my poop though. I just thought a picture of poop would brighten up the place a little. Not that I’m an interior decorator or anything, but I think I have a firm grip on what’s in style and what’s not. Poop is definitely in style. It goes with anything.

I think I’ve said my piece for the moment. I shall write later if I’m in the mood.

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