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Sleep & German Studies

Not much going on today, again. Just hanging out, babysitting. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Tessa decided she was going to sleep in our bed and take up the entire thing by sleeping perpendicular to me and Joanna. So, needless to say, I’m a little cranky today. It’s hard to sleep while having one leg off the bed, holding yourself up.

My German studies are going pretty well. I’ve been making myself some grammar flashcards, learning all of the different terms. It’s weird how much we take for granted with English. We just know how to speak it. We don’t think about whether or not we are dealing with an intransitive verb when we tell our friends about our day. I don’t think about whether or not I misused a copula in my email to my best friend. Learning a new language makes you think about all those things.

I’ve heard that after you learn a second language, the third gets easier. I hope so. I plan on learning Spanish after I finish with German. Logically speaking, I probably should have learned Spanish first anyway, but German seems more interesting. Lol

Well, I’m done for now. Maybe I’ll write later.

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