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The Move to Syracuse & How To Read A Book

It’s now official. I live in Syracuse. It’s kinda weird living in the city. All the One Way streets downtown, everything so close by… even an Adult World right around the corner! Hahahaha… I practically don’t even need to own a car. There is a bus route to anywhere.

We live in a pretty decent neighborhood too. Nice neighbors. The first day I moved in, there were a couple guys that live upstairs that noticed me bringing my guitar equipment inside. They asked me what type of music I was into, and wanted to play sometime.

It feels weird moving away from home for the first time. My only problem now is finding a job. I kinda just left my job at Tribune. Joanna really needs me here, and on top of the fact that we’re having a baby, she got hurt at work and had to have 6 stitches in her hand. So, I basically told them at work that I couldn’t go back. I packed my stuff over a period of 2 days and was moved in by Tuesday.

Needless to say, money is tight right now. I have my resume in a few places. I’m really hoping I get into the Post Standard, the newspaper here. I applied for the Advertising Administrative Assistant job. From what I hear, it pays pretty well. Probably about $35,000. I meet or exceed all of the qualifications. I know how to use Microsoft Office. They want someone who can type 40 words per minutes. Ha, I can type 80. Just really hoping I get it.

As far as the latest update with books that I’m reading, I found a great book. Should have found it a long time ago. It’s called “How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading.” I’ve learned a lot so far about some of my bad habits with reading. It’s very in-depth about methods of reading. I never realized there was so much to it. One of the analogies that was drawn was that reading isn’t like sitting there absorbing information. Reading is like a game of baseball. The writer is the pitcher and the reader is like the catcher. To complete the process, both people have to do their jobs. The reader isn’t just a fan on the stands watching everything happen. Just as the catcher has to be ready for a curve-ball, so does the reader have to be ready for slants on factual information, opinions disguised as facts, etc. I’m learning a great deal from this book.

I’m still not completely unpacked yet, so I’ll be updating more as I have time.

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