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OutFOXed at Work

Work has begun to give me a headache today. That’s the first time that has happened in a long time. Since the hardware store, I’d have to say. I’m not exactly sure why though. Maybe it’s the monotony of schedule programming? That could very well be the answer. It’s the only thing that comes to mind, as to why I’m annoyed.

I’m just tired I guess. It’s 3:00pm though, only 30 minutes to go!! If only I can last.

I find it interesting that on the TV at work, it’s playing FOX News all day long. It’s ironic because FOX News is a “24 News Channel,” but nothing they do is even slightly related to news, or journalism in any form. Take, for instance, how often announcers on that channel say “some people say such-and-such,” or, “I’ve heard some people say such-and-such.” How is that journalism? It isn’t. It’s a way of inserting your political opinion where it doesn’t belong. Journalists cite their sources, not throw random opinions in their monologues.

Also, pay attention to how much attention is payed to George Bush, and the light he is portrayed in. Then compare that to how much attention is payed to Democrats in general. During the Democratic National Convention, they aired about 3 minutes of Al Gore’s speech, then Mr. Bill O’Reilly interrupts to attack and slander Mr. Gore. Now, compare this with CNN or MSNBC, who aired the entire 15 minute speech, uninterrupted. They didn’t cut the speech short to insert their own political opinion. See, FOX News is the spokesgroup for George W. Bush. A totally biased source that is willing to lie and distort the truth to get their agenda through.

Just look at how much attention FOX News gives that Lacy Peterson case. Not that it’s not important, but what about the fact that the Whitehouse submitted forged documents to the United Nations concerning Iraq? Or the fact that Bush wants to cut $15 Billion from veterans benefits? The people that he’s so proud of? Of course Bush’s spokespeople would never talk about that story; it would make him look bad. So, according to FOX News, those stories aren’t news. They are, according to Bill O’Reilly, “ideologies” and shouldn’t have any place in news reporting. It’s funny that Mr. O’Reilly’s opinion is more newsworthy (according to him) than are actual news stories.

I love when he has his “Talking Points Memo” near the end of the show. It’s no different than all of the “news” he’d been talking about during the entire program. At FOX news, it’s so hard to distinguish opinion from news. And that’s what they want, because opinion can’t be proven false. If they can turn the news into opinion, rather than fact, they’ve done their job for George W. That way he always looks good no matter what’s happening in this country, because it’s only bad according to some people. They totally disregard factual information.

Ask someone who watches FOX news on a regular basis what factual information they have about, say, the war in Iraq – or weapons of mass destruction. It’s interesting: according to a poll taken of FOX News watchers, 90% of them believe we’ve already found weapons of mass destruction, even though not a single one has been found. It’s because facts are never presented – only opinions. “Some say we’ve found them,” or “I’ve heard people say we’re close to finding them.” That is NOT news. That is opinion.

On the other side of that poll, people who do not watch FOX News, were asked the same question, and only 13% think we’ve found those WMDs. Isn’t that interesting? If I were a journalist at FOX News, it would make me sick to know that the more people watch my channel, the less they knew about what was going on in the world.

I suppose most of my disgust and contempt comes from seeing “OutFOXed.” I’d place this film in the rankings of “Fahrenheit 9/11.” From all of the interviews with ex-employees and people from other news networks, they make the case very cut and dry against FOX News.

See, I don’t always rant about the government. I have other things that bother me too. But this should bother anyone who desires truth in the news.

But anyway, I’m done for now. I’ll write a little later.

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