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The Third Terrorist & The Culture of Fear

Finally finished “The Third Terrorist.” A very interesting read. I found myself feeling like I was reading fiction as each instance of the FBI covering up, or just plain ignoring evidence, was detailed.

It simply blows my mind. Hussain Al-Hussaini, the Iraqi seen by more than 25 eye-witnesses, was never even interviewed by FBI agents. Yet, they would never confirm that he was no longer a suspect. Not only this, but Hussaini was involved in 9/11, 6 years later. He worked at the Boston Logan Airport and was present that morning!!! It’s almost too much to take in without spewing forth my own bowels from my mouth.

Each step of the way, the FBI and members of the Clinton administration saying there wasn’t “credible evidence” to convict, or even arrest, Hussaini! Credible evidence? Isn’t the sworn affidavits from 25 witnesses enough? Each having picked Hussaini out of a lineup. And because of this, he was able to take part in 9/11.

Not only this, but the fact that when the records for the hotel Hussaini and McVeigh were staying at during the weeks before the bombing were confiscated, and when they were returned, the dates from March through April were blanked out!! The FBI actually erased this evidence! What on Earth would make our law-enforcement cover something like this up?

Now, before anyone judges this, I recommend you read “The Third Terrorist” by Jayna Davis. Everything is documented, with interviews from FBI agents, as well as those of Clinton Administration officials – not to mention all of the 25 eye-witness accounts of Hussaini and McVeigh leaving the truck just minutes before the bomb went off.

So yeah, there’s my government ranting for this entry. I’m reading a new book now called “The Culture of Fear: Why Americans are Afraid of the Wrong Things,” by Barry Glassner. It’s quite intriguing so far, and I’m only on the introduction.

Work is getting more and more boring by the day. I can only hope Adelphia hurries up and gets bought out. I need to get rich so I don’t have to work anymore. Of course I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket. Seeing as how the dollar is slowly deteriorating, I’m also investing in gold. Should prove to be profitable. In any case, more money is better than less. Lol

What else is new? Still didn’t get an ultrasound, so we actually scheduled one for the 17th. It’s going to be exciting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl! Can’t wait.

Oh yeah, I’m going to be selling some books on EBay, so if you’re interested, just check out my stuff. My username is rachmaninoff101. I’m not sure what I’m going to put up yet, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself and see.

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