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Work & The Government (Terrorism)

Another day at work. Tired, as usual. I’ve noticed that I’m somehow “getting used to” waking up at these ungodly hours. I’m nowhere near as tired as I used to be when I first started working here. To the point where my eyes rolled back in my head, my head bobbing up and down… and, of course, dreaming while being awake – being fully convinced that I’m in Canada; trying to figure out how was going to get home. That was interesting.

I’m kind of confused, and kind of frustrated. My government frustrates me. There are those out there with a very extreme point of view, and (of course), there’s the mainstream media, with their very conservative (conformist & non-truthful) point of view. “Fair & Balanced,” according to the FOX News Channel. And what is “Fair & Balanced?” Basically, it means, “don’t say anything too true – but not anything too false. Just say what has the least amount of effect on everyone… as long as everyone’s happy.” That’s “Fair & Balanced.” Fair & Balanced = The path of least resistance.

Is this government really staging terrorist attacks in order to get people to give up their freedoms in exchange for “security?” I don’t know. There is frightening evidence to point that way, but it’s almost too much – like believing all of those killings (of women and children – all innocent) in the Bible were really done by the command of God. But, I suppose they have the motive; they have everything to gain – a docile mass of human slaves in a dictatorship, mindlessly obeying “the law” in order to have “security.” I know that the Patriot Act is only the beginning, and if we don’t stand up and say enough is enough, it will be too late. You won’t have the right to stand up. You’ll have to “give your papers” at checkpoints, submit to unwarranted searches of your house and property (already in the works), and endless other civil rights violations – all in the name of “security.”

For those of you thinking that we need these strict laws, need we be reminded of Hitler and how he convinced his people they needed less freedom? Beginning with censorship, keeping the people from finding out the truth (Today: Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 not being played in 95% of all US theaters), then how he burned the government building, blaming it on his political enemies – totally abolishing their government with the permission of the people because they wanted “safety,” and establishing a dictatorship (Today: 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing?).

I’m not saying that our government is actually doing this, but it’s discomforting to see how possible it really is. After all, history does repeat itself. And, of course, Hitler wasn’t the only one to use terror to get people to give up their freedom. There are many others.

Just look at the news today. The CIA issuing a “general threat,” huge… but they have no idea where, when, or how? Why say anything then? To keep you afraid. You can get people to do anything if they’re scared enough. Especially give up liberties in order to eliminate the threat. From there, it only escalates.

I don’t necessarily think this will happen, but it’s enough to ask the questions. Evaluate the situation as it sits. Is it possible? Of course it is. We must just make sure it doesn’t. Get involved in the political process.

I’m not sure where this country is heading, but I’ll end with a few famous words: “Live free or die.”

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