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Bored At Work & TV News

Wow. Work is so boring. I’m finished with all my deadlines for at least halfway through next week. What on Earth am I going to do for 8 hours tomorrow? I suppose I’ll spend it doing what I usually do… reading news articles online. I’ve found http://www.phaseiii.org to have some very informative information. That, along with http://www.infowars.com. I tend to stay away from the “mainstream” media, because… well… http://www.tvnewslies.org. For example, this election coming up in November. There’s no real choice. Bush and Kerry have the same exact voting records – same values (ha, what values??), etc. You’re just voting for a figurehead. Another puppet for the corporations of America to push around.

I think one of the main problems is that people are so uninformed today. Not only that, but if they don’t see it on TV, they don’t believe it. Or, “in the paper.” It upsets me when people ask me “what are you reading for?” Well, sir, the mainstream media pays for George W. Bush’s campaign. Now, who is a newspaper going to try to make happy? The readers (who only make up a maximum of approximately 18% of profits), or the political buddies and advertisers? Are you really getting the full story?? No, that’s why I read… from MANY sources. Not just the NY Times or the Washington Post. Truly independent sources. People with a REASON to tell the truth.

Anyway, not much else is new. Just reading a very interesting book at the moment. “The Third Terrorist.” Once again, showing our government’s complete lack of competence when it comes to matters of security. The last thing we need is “more laws.” We’ve got all the laws we need. We just need people that actually use them. The PATRIOT Act… unbelievable. Why not trying enforcing the laws already on the books? Who knows? But I know that because I’ve just spoken out against the government, I now fall under the classification of “enemy combatant.” Under the new definition of “terrorism,” even J-Walking is a terrorist crime now, because it “endangers human life” anywhere in the US. So thank you America, for all those freedoms I have.
Anyway, on a positive note… the Supreme Court did rule against holding these so-called “enemy combatants” indefinitely without access to the court system. There are some people out there who know what America stands for.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I’m done with my ranting. Goodnight.

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