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Writing At Work & The Age of Reason

Ok, so here I am at work. Just editing schedules. Stuff like that. Interesting stuff, right? Wrong. Listening to some Lil’ John and the East Side Boys though. Pretty entertaining as far as that goes. I’m not exactly sure how Lil’ John got so rich. This whole CD, all they do through every song is scream the same things over and over again. These guys are like the epitome of guys jumping all over the place, yelling and swinging towels around and screaming. But I guess that’s why I like it. It’s funny, but it’s good too because I know they’re being serious. It’s not really music… it’s more like entertainment.

I just read the first half of “The Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine last night. It’s really quite interesting. You hear about (from those funny fundies – Fundamentalist Christians) how our nation was founded on Christianity, but this man – one who took part in writing our Constitution – wrote an entire work on the absurdity of Christianity, as well as other man-made religions. “My church is my mind.” How peculiar that two people from totally different time periods could have the same exact thoughts concerning a particular issue. At times I thought I was reading my own words. It baffles me that one could believe in a “word of God” found in a book. Especially a book written (interpreted) hundreds of years ago. The originals, having been written almost 2,000 years ago. Language is mutable, man-made – it changes over time; not even taking into account man’s imperfections.

Any religion that makes it irreligious to examine and question the workings and nature of God’s creation is an absurdity in itself. We possess the ability to calculate accurately, to within minutes and seconds, when a solar eclipse will occur. What better evidence that there are rules that this universe follows, and that these rules are open for discovery. It was through the discovery of these laws that we learned the Earth is round – not flat. And this was something that the Church killed people over. It was heresy to “believe in” a round Earth. I know of no one who would willingly believe in such a blood-thirsty God. A God who would murder and torture those who seek after Truth and Enlightenment. Our very lives depend only upon Truth. Imagine a God whose only solution to forgive his beloved children of their sins is to murder his own son. This is nothing but bitter and vengeful, vile and base – hardly the traits of a loving God.

I’m looking forward to the second half of this book. Very engrossing, to say the least.

On a lighter note, just to let anyone out there know that hasn’t been informed yet, Joanna and I are expecting a little one in November! The due date is November 13th. We’re very excited. So feel free to congratulate me by leaving a COMMENT!!!! lol Because I know sooo many people actually read this – you people better comment.

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