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Computers in the "Mainstream" World… I Hate It

You want to know what the worst thing that ever happened to the computer industry is? Making it “mainstream.” Computers now are “consumer friendly,” just like AOL. And what does that mean? Idiot-friendly. Because computers have been made so “user-friendly,” all of this extra programming that goes into computers allows people to know as little as possible about computing. What does that mean? The “Blue Screen of Death.” Every program that has to run in the background, every tower that says “Designed for Windows XP,” and every pre-assembled piece of crap out there with sets components that have only one possible compatible interconnect creates more and more chances for errors to occur.

Look at Apple computers, for example. They’re possibly the least “user-friendly” computers on the planet. Yet, they’re also the most reliable computers on the planet. They’ve refrained from the Dells and the Gateways of the world and how they ask you “what you want to do with your computer.” These companies have pre-assembled models that you can choose from. These models are also made to be compatible with only the components contained in the package… to make them “user-friendly.”

Why can’t computers be more like they used to? You had to actually know something about how they worked in order to use one. When you actually had to buy each component separately. Yes, computers now are cheaper – cheaper in every sense of the word.

Ok, I think that’s all for now. Just had this little issue on my mind. Thanks for listening.

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