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Live Free or Die (Free From the Media)

You know what I’m sick of? All day long – everywhere you look in this country – the media is trying to make people afraid. Have you ever looked at the front page of a Canadian newspaper? You’d wonder why you live here if you did. The only bad news I saw the other day on a Canadian news website was about a Canadian citizen who lived in the U.S. who claimed he was tortured and is now being deported to Syria (the U.S. is deporting him). Every other front-page story was either about how charities are finding different ways to aquire money, or how legislators were fighting for lower taxes. What are the headlines on Yahoo right now? Well, the first two, right off the bat: Senate powder tests positive for ricin, AND Asian Bird Flu death toll rises to 12. And you wonder why crime is so high in this country? Everyone is afraid they’re going to die tomorrow with all of the disease and terror we are bombarded with every single day in the news. The emphasis is always on what might happen. If we thought about what might happen all the time, we’d constantly be wondering and waiting for some bomb to go off or plague to sweep over the country. Wait a second… we are doing that. What ever happened to “Don’t be such a worry-wart?”

If we actually took seriously (and a lot of people do) every single thing the media said about terrorism, we’d be in a total state of panic right now. Nowadays we’re taught not to trust anyone. “Your neighbor is a terrorist.” “Anyone who comes from another country can’t be trusted.” “Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity.” I’m sorry, but I refuse to live my life that way. I’m not going to spend every waking moment wondering if a plane is going to crash into the building I happen to be in. We live our lives… we live and we die. You’d be a coward to live in fear – because of what those few people did on that tragic day. Part of being an American is being brave… “Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.” Not according to our media though. You have to be terrified every second you’re alive, because you might be killed by a “dirty-bomb.” If someone is clever enough to get a “dirty-bomb” into this country, there isn’t really anything you can do about it.

Let people live their lives. Don’t force frightening images down people’s throats all goddamn day. Do you remember how many times they played the images of those towers going down? Over and over and over again. They do it in the name of patriotism, but what is their real purpose? Do you really think we needed to see it that many times in order to “Never Forget??” It’s terrifying enough to see it once. Maybe some people were fortunate enough to not have seen it. But for those who have, don’t make it worse. Is that really something you want chiseled into the heads of every American? Is that what you want people to hold in their minds? Or do you want people to remember how our country stood strong and came together in a time of great need? If we were to compare the amount of time the videos of the towers fell to the amount of time video that was played showing the courage of the surivors and loved ones of the victims, the result would be fairly frightening.

Our mass media is the biggest terrorist of all. According to Websters Unabridged Dictionary, “terrorist” is defined as “a person who terrorizes or frightens others.” Do you think constant harping on “Warning Levels” and containers floating around that have ricin in them frightens others? Or how you “never know what could happen.” That we “always have to be prepared.” Isn’t that a little bit terrorizing to be reminded of constantly??

Our media dwells on negativity and fear. It’s how it survives. Maybe there are people out there who get a rise out of seeing or hearing about those types of things. But for the average American, we’re just as much a victim of our mass media as we are of what happened on that tragic morning.

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