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The Meaning of Life? Almost Had It

You know that feeling you get right after taking a nap? Where everything makes sense – even though you aren’t thinking about anything in particular? Like you understand everything you need to; life seems so simple. I’ve been thinking about something that I experienced the other night on my way home from Joanna’s house. Something that gave me that exact feeling. I guess when you drive for three hours you’ve got some time to think.

Anyway, I was just letting my mind wander; thinking about life in general. Some thoughts arose concerning immortality. I’m not exactly sure how I arrived at these thoughts, but as the ideas continued to formulate, I felt that fresh-from-a-nap feeling rush over me. It was almost like a revelation. I was trying to figure out a way to determine if we really are immortal – on a different level separate from our bodies; our souls only able to perceive what these imperfect bodies allow. (Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I think about.) I’m still trying to remember exactly what I came up with, but it seemed to make perfect sense – and at that very instant the answer that has evaded mankind since the beginning of time fell in my lap.

The feeling lasted for about 5 minutes. I knew it wouldn’t last long, so I tried as hard as I could to remember what it was that I was thinking. I remembered the words, but the feeling that came over me that came with those words never returned. I suppose it’s like the feeling of getting another material possession. It’s great for the first few days. But soon it’s just another thing that takes up space in your room. It lacks that “new car smell.”

In any case, let me try to relate, in words, what my revelation was that night. Are we immortal? Spiritually? If we are, then there exists a potential for us beyond these bodies we inhabit. Looking at the antipode of the question: How is it possible that we are not immortal? Now, I’m not even going to get into the argument of how “God created Adam and Eve” and the whole Bible thing. Honestly, it’s silly. Fairytales. Foolishness. Ok, I’m getting off topic. (For anyone interested in some of my feelings on this topic, visit http://thirdeye.iwarp.com) Ok, ok, ok. So I still have no idea if we are immortal or not. I just totally lost my train of though. Maybe that’s what happened that night. Maybe I really did know the meaning of life for that brief instant. At least I can take pride in that.

Here’s a little revelation. Getting on the God topic got me thinking. I just went and grabbed my Bible (one of the many that I own, as I was a Fundamental Baptist for quite a while) and just looked through it. If you look in the New Testament, you see that the “Words of Christ” are in red. Can I just say something about that? How in the hell do they know that??? How do they know what he’s said – to an accurate enough degree that people base their entire lives on it?? Let me just say that I own a piece of technology called a computer. A device designed to store and protect data (such as a book that someone would spend, say, 3 or 4 years writing. Yes, in case you didn’t catch that one, I’m writing a book.). Luckily I have a CDR drive because I’ve lost data on my computer an inestimable amount of times. Now tell me, in an age when they didn’t even have printing presses, let alone reliable Windows 2000 Professional, how the hell did they keep track of what Jesus said for hundreds of years? That alone is quite a tall tale to believe. I don’t even have enough faith in my computer to shut it down for fear of losing everything. Yeah, it’s happened.

But then again, who am I to tell people how to think. I’m the one who reads books and evolves my consciousness. That’s wrong thing to do nowadays. I mean, it’s alright to read books and evolve your consciousness as long as you keep it down to a bare minimum. The whole evolving consciousness and stepping through the shadow can’t get in the way of consuming material possessions and various food stuffs and wicker baskets which people have no need of.

I’ve noticed something particularly interesting – a trend, if you will. People speak of how we have the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If we take an honest look at it, that statement needs a little revising. I agree with the first two: Life and Liberty. But, the “Pursuit of Happiness?” I’m thinking not. It’s more like “The Pursuit of Buying Stuff.” That’s about all we can do is buy things – at least without being considered a terrorist under the “Patriot Act.” And isn’t that the problem? We make our surroundings a part of what we are. It’s how we identify ourselves. When we have an emotional dilemma, what do many people do? Go shopping? Eat? We are fed images all day long of how products bring us happiness – and the interesting fact is that it’s just the opposite. Objects don’t bring us happiness. They distract us from the real issues. We use things to keep us from having to think about what’s going on in our lives. It’s why people go crazy in isolation chambers. They’ve never had to face what’s really going on in their minds. To face what they really are. All this time they’ve been defined by what’s around them instead of what they really are.

I went to a sales and marketing seminar about a year ago for a product we were selling at the hardware store, and it was then that it really hit me. The man said, “We don’t sell products, we sell a feeling.” It made me sick. It made me ill. I feel sick to be known as a “consumer.” We are referred to that because in the essence of how our society functions, that’s all we are. Just another portal for crap to flow through in order for some guy to get money – so that he can flood more crap through his portal. The whole time, no one getting any closer to a happier life – only distracted for another moment from what could be the happiest moment of his life – stepping through the shadow.

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