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Piano Studies & Sound "Effects"

So the music thing has been going pretty well. I’ve been learning some pretty spectacular songs (Super Mario Brothers Theme, Super Mario Land “Castle” Theme, and a few others). It’s really amazing, after studying these songs, to discover how well written they are – in theory and technique. The “Sky Theme” for Super Mario Land is an impressive piece written in Ragtime. Another intruiging factor I’ve discovered is that most (about 95%) of these Mario Brothers songs are written in C Major. I’ve tried transposing them into another key, but it just doesn’t fit. C Major is perfect for these songs. I wonder what it is about this key that gives the listener the feeling of being absorbed in the game?

It’s an interesting thing about music, and sound in general. The other day I accidentally unmuted the mic on my computer. The feedback was unbearable. Struggling to maintain my sanity, I grasped for the mouse in an attempt to mute it again. After this experience, I realized that the sound wasn’t actually as painfully loud as I thought, although it was loud. It was the feeling that I got from the feedback that was the worst part. The tone that the speakers generated made my muscles tense up (almost to the point of locking) and I felt very confused and anxious. It was a totally different state of mind. It made me think. If we were to understand these effects of music on an even deeper level, music could possibly be composed which would literally induce happiness, sadness, depression, or any other emotion that we wish to relate.

Thinking back to Nature, we see how animals use disconcerting sounds to intimidate enemies (the lion roar, the bark of the dog, and even humans in life-threatening situations). Learning from this, we’ve used sound even in combat situations. I’m still doing some reading about it, but basically, it’s called “Infrasound.” At very specific frequencies, these “sounds” can cause nausia, discomfort, fear, disorientation, and in some intensities, cause matter to explode – disabling and even killing enemies. It’s fascinating.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I’ve got to get up tomorrow. Going to pick up Joanna.

  1. Saturday March 29, 2008 at 12:25 PM

    Yes sound is fascinating!

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