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My Deteriorating Vocabulary

I can’t believe it. It’s 4:30am and I’m still awake! I think it’s about time for bed. I didn’t even realize how late it actually was. I was playing on Pogo.com for quite a while I guess. Joanna got me hooked on Word Whomp. It’s such a fun game. I can’t believe how long I’ve been playing it.

So Joanna’s going to be here next Thursday, and as I mentioned, I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait to see her again – even though it’s only been a couple days.

I’ve noticed recently that my vocabulary has been deteriorating. Sometimes I feel like an idiot. The average person only uses about 50 words out of the entire English language. There are hundreds of thousands of words available to us, yet the most expressive words people conjure up are usually “fuck,” “wicked,” “asshole,” “bullshit,” etc. It’s fairly depressing. I think, in this way, people have become so homogeneous that they have limited themselves to the types of thoughts they can have – and to that end, have ultimately limited their potential. I mean, you cannot form any intelligible thoughts without the use of words. So it would seem to me that the more words you know, the more complex of a thought process you would have. I suppose that’s why my deteriorating vocabulary is so discouraging to me. Not so much my written words, but my verbal communication. It almost feels like I’m saying the same things over and over again. Everything seems bland and simple. Although, I’m not exactly sure how to “work on it.” I suppose I should spend more time reading and writing. The more I expose myself to language, the more I will take in and use.

Yes, I know – you’re probably thinking, “Why does he care about stuff like this?” I’m not exactly sure why. It’s just something that I find important to me – as well as interesting. Maybe it’s part of my OCD? Who knows? All I know is that it makes me who I am.
Anyway, it’s 4:50am and I really need to get to sleep. Goodnight everyone!!

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