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Reading & The Golden Ratio

Looks like just another day in the life of me. Almost done reading “The Golden Ratio.” It’s a very interesting book. This number has explained many of the workings of the universe. Basically, to find the “Golden Number,” you make a line and divide it into 2 parts, one larger than the other. Make the parts such that the ratio of the longest segment to the shortest segement is the same as ratio of the whole line to the largest segment. Another way to find the Golden Number is to use the following Quadratic Equation: X²=X+1. Phi is the only number that you can find the square root of and the result is the same number, minus 1.

Anyway, enough on the math lesson. Didn’t do too much today besides reading. Talked to Joanna for a little bit. She’s going to be here for like 5 days starting next Thursday. I’m really getting used to seeing her all the time. I like it a lot. She’s going to be moving out of her house and into her best friend Jen’s house. So that means I can go and stay with her whenever I want to! I can’t wait for that. Of course that means I’m going to find a car even quicker now.

It’s about 1:30am right now. Pretty early for me, but I think I’m going to bed. I’m feeling kinda tired for some reason, so I know how to take care of that. Goodnight everyone!

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