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I Need a Car… Law School… My OCD

So here I am again. I’ve got a new picture up. I took it myself! I actually look pretty awesome in it. Joanna says I look “hott,” but I don’t now about that. Let me know what you think! lol

Anyway, there’s not really too much new going on as of lately. I’ve got to find a job now, and I really don’t want to. But it’s the only way I’m going to be able to get a car so I can finish school. I feel really bad always asking my sister to use her car to get to school, and I’m there all day – leaving her home not able to do anything.

I’ve made my decision and I’m going to Law School. I know it’s going to be a long road, but it will be worth it. With a law degree there are so many different things I can do. If I decide to get my CPA licence afterward, that accompanied with a Law degree would be dynamite. But as of right now I have to think short-term; get a car so I can have transportation to school.

Hopefully Joanna is coming here again this weekend. I miss her already and it’s only been a few days since she’s left. I hope she misses me too! I love you babe! I can’t wait to see you and have you in my arms once again!

So it’s 3:20am and I’m sitting here avoiding my bed. Do I know why? No, of course not. I suppose it is part of my OCD. So I think right now I will find my way to that place where I sleep, knowing that I will not fall asleep for some time now. Maybe I will do some reading or just close my eyes and let thoughts race through my head as they always do. They are of nothing in particular – more or less just dwelling on random things that pop in my head. Have you ever taken a thought and just dwelt on it so much that you’ve almost made yourself believe it? For me, it’s usually about school or work or something like that. I find myself dwelling on how I’m “unable” to do certain things – questioning my abilities and intelligence. In my heart and mind, I know that I’m perfectly capable of accomplishing things – but it’s when I’m fumbling toward sleep when my mind wanders and these things tumble over and over again in my mind. I oftentimes wonder if it’s the intelligent people who suffer these types of things. Is it that man only suffers in this way as he becomes more and more conscious of himself and his mind? Who knows? As for now, I prepare to embrace the thoughts that are soon to come as I fall toward sleep. Goodnight all!

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