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Christmas Time. What’s To Come…

Wednesday December 24, 2003 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well people, looks like it’s another night. Not too much went on today. I made a couple things for my lovely Joanna tonight (can’t say what they are because of course she’ll be reading this!!). Tomorrow should prove to be interesting – Christmas Eve at the grandparents’ house. Interesting because there’ll be a new visitor this year. My aunt has a new boyfriend type thing and not too many people are fond of him. He has this tendency to be… well, to put it kindly… tactless. Based on what I’ve seen, it seems to stem from insecurity. He’s very much like my father. He’s someone who’s very critical of others. Yet when the criticisms are pointed in his direction, he lashes out disproportionally (on the extreme side). Let me just say that it takes a lot for me to dislike someone, but I really don’t care for him too much.

More than anything I just don’t want to be uncomfortable tomorrow night (tonight). Hopefully the whole thing goes without a hitch. I just want to have a good time with family without any incidents. Occurances from my sister’s graduation party come to mind where he made comments to a few people on things and, needless to say, made a few people (myself included) irritated.

But who knows? Maybe things will be great tomorrow. We can only hope.

Other than that, things are well in my neck of the woods. Joanna is feeling well, and there are only 3 days until I go to get her. I can’t wait to see her. I miss her to no end. I’m sure you’re reading this right now… so… I love you Joanna! You better believe it! You’re my favorite!!

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