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Christmas With Joanna & Waking Up Early

Well, my baby is still sick! I wish she would hurry up and get better. I want her to be healthy when she gets here. But, even if she isn’t completely better, it’s still going to be great. It’s our first Christmas together and I can’t wait. It’s going to be a whole week with the woman I love. Now, I know to some of you this may not sound like a big deal, but I don’t get to see her all that often. So when I do, it is a big deal! And just in case you happen to be reading this, I love you Joanna!!! Don’t you ever forget it!

Wow kids, can you believe this? I was up at 9:30 this morning!! That is beyond my comprehension. What’s going on with this motivation crap? I even had breakfast this morning. I think the last time I partook in daytime activities such as breakfast and waking up before the Post Meridian time was sometime back in like 8th or 9th grade. It feels alright. I mean, it’s like 1:50pm and I still have like 12 hours left in the day. That is a weird feeling. I’ve been up for like 5 hours already. It’s more of a strange feeling than anything else. Days have more time contained within them then I had previously suspected. Maybe I will try waking up early tomorrow too. It would be nice. I mean, school will be starting up again in January, and much joy would be felt if I was not waking up at 4:00pm when classes start at like 9:00 or 10:00am.
Starting working on some Basic programming this morning. (Wow, that still sounds weird… “this morning”) It’s coming back to me pretty easily. Not really a huge project – it’s just fun to do.

Another thing that is fun to do is to listen to Baroque Christmas music in different languages. It’s very uplifting and joyous-sounding. But as of right now, I’m just listening to some Jimi Hendrix.
Good stuff, man. Purple Haze… all in my brain… pretty good, pretty good.

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