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What The Hell? I Have OCD!

Ok folks, I’m going to discuss an issue tonight that simply astounded me. As I said the other day, I did not study at all for my finals. I did fine (excellent) on my math final, and I’m sure I did well on my Accounting final. Now, someone tell me if this sounds like Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder: I’m taking my Accounting final. I finish my Accounting final. I arrive home. I feel the relief of not having to think about school for another month. Tell me how messed up this is… I am suddenly overtaken by a strong urge to read my Math and Accounting books and to do sample problems and exercises!!

Is anyone as disgusted as I am with that?? The whole semester I resisted homework and studying – yet the very instant I arrive home from the final moment of school activities, I am compelled to be successful at homework and sample problems!! I have been directly placed in unawares as to what is going on in my head. Do people have these kinds of desires??? Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

I’ve sat and thought about this for at least an hour. What would compel me to want to partake in textbook reading and exercise/sample problem activities now, but not when I should have done it? Not so much with a sense of obligation, but with a sense of desire and need to perform math problems and financial statements. These activities seemed to, at the very instant school ended, become a source of recreation – as opposed to school work which is to be done on a deadline. This is going to take a lot of thought to figure out. What was it about the thought of being free from school that caused Math and Accounting to transmogrify from an obligation associated with frustration and indifference to a source of joy and entertainment?? As for now, I will label it pure insanity.

Until the moment I figure this out, I am open to suggestions…

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